Patliputra University To Give Grace Marks To Students

Bihar’s Premier University, Patliputra University has decided to Provided Grace Marks to students who will be failing in any subject by 7 Marks. The decision to give Grace Marks to students has been taken in the Syndicate Meeting chaired by Prof. Surendra Pratap Singh. He said that if any students who fail with Maximum 7 Marks will be awarded by Max 7 Mark as Grace. This decision has been taken in view of the Covid 19 Pandemic as the academic activities were affected hence many student we failing with some marks. To Pass these candidates the syndicate have decided to award 7 Marks as Grace Marks.

Patliputra University, located in Patna, Bihar, has recently announced that it will be giving grace marks to students in order to help them cope with the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This decision has been taken to provide some relief to the students who have been struggling to cope with the stress and difficulties posed by the pandemic.

The university has decided to give a total of 10 grace marks to each student in all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the academic session 2020-21. The grace marks will be awarded to the students on the basis of their performance in the final exams. The move is expected to help students who may have struggled to prepare for their exams due to a lack of access to study materials, online classes, and other resources.

The decision to give grace marks has been welcomed by the students and their parents, who have been struggling with the impact of the pandemic. With the closure of educational institutions and the switch to online classes, many students have found it difficult to keep up with their studies. The decision to award grace marks will help them to bridge the gap and perform better in their exams.

However, some experts have raised concerns over the decision, arguing that it may lead to a lowering of academic standards. They argue that awarding grace marks may encourage students to become complacent and not work hard to improve their performance. Others have suggested that instead of giving grace marks, the university should provide additional support and resources to help students prepare for their exams.

Despite these concerns, the decision of Patliputra University to award grace marks to students is expected to provide some much-needed relief to the students who have been struggling to cope with the pandemic. The move may also inspire other educational institutions to take similar measures to help students overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Updated: May 7, 2023 — 1:53 pm


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  2. Can u give me detail regarding patliputra University 1st year grace mark rule for bed students

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