PM Kisan 14th Instalment Date, Beneficiary List , eKYC

On July 28, 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of India is scheduled to release the 14th instalment of the PM Kisan Yojana. It is of utmost importance for farmers who have enrolled in the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana to stay informed about the online status of this 14th PM Kisan Instalment. The department has fulfilled all the necessary requirements to transfer the funds to the specified accounts, and notifications have been dispatched to this effect. Registered farmers will receive a total of Rs 2000/- credited to their bank accounts. Let’s delve further into the details regarding the release date of the 14th instalment for PM Kisan.

PM Kisan 14th Instalment Date

You may have been diligently checking your bank account associated with the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana every day. However, please hold off for now as the 14th instalment of the PM Kisan Yojana is anticipated to be released on July 28, 2023. To confirm your eligibility for the 14th instalment and verify your inclusion in the PM Kisan Yojana Beneficiary List, please continue reading this article. We have also provided instructions on how to track the status of the 14th instalment using the methods outlined.

PM Kisan Scheme 2023 Beneficiary List

Farmers can ascertain their eligibility for the PM Kisan Scheme by referring to the PM Kisan 2023 Check Beneficiary List. This list enables farmers to confirm their status as beneficiaries of the program, ensuring that they receive the financial assistance provided by the government. It serves as a valuable resource for determining a farmer’s eligibility for the program and their entitlement to receive the instalments.

How To Check The PM Kisan 14th Instalment Status Online?

To check the status of the PM Kisan 14th Instalment online, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official PM Kisan Portal: Open your web browser and go to the official PM Kisan portal. The URL for the official portal is typically ““.
  2. Navigate to the “Farmer Corner”: Look for a section or tab on the website called “Farmer Corner” or “Beneficiary List.” This is where you are likely to find the option to check your instalment status.
  3. Choose “Check Beneficiary Status”: Within the Farmer Corner section, you should find an option that says “Check Beneficiary Status” or something similar. Click on this option.
  4. Enter Your Details: You will be prompted to enter specific details to check your instalment status. Typically, you will need to provide your Aadhaar number, bank account number, or mobile number linked to your PM Kisan account. Make sure you have this information handy.
  5. Submit Your Information: After entering the required details, click the “Submit” or “Check Status” button.
  6. View Your Instalment Status: Your PM Kisan 14th Instalment Status will be displayed on the screen. It will indicate whether the instalment has been credited to your bank account or if it’s still pending.
  7. Print or Save: It’s a good practice to save a digital copy or take a printout of the status for your records.
  8. Check for Notifications: Additionally, stay updated with notifications or announcements on the official PM Kisan portal for any important updates regarding the 14th instalment.

PM Kisan Scheme 14th Instalment Facts

  • The 14th instalment of PM Kisan in 2023 will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of eligible beneficiaries; there is no provision for cash or draft payments.
  • The payment process will be conducted exclusively online, and only beneficiaries with their bank accounts linked to the PM Kisan scheme will receive the funds.
  • To check the status of the PM Kisan 14th Instalment in 2023, beneficiaries are required to visit the bank branch where they hold their PM Kisan Yojana Bank Account.
  • Following the release date, beneficiaries can access information about the PM Kisan 14th Instalment Status either through their bank or via the official website by using valid login credentials.

PM Kisan Scheme 14th Instalment e-KYC

Farmers can confirm their identities and furnish essential details via the PM Kisan 14th Instalment e-KYC process. Through this electronic verification, only eligible beneficiaries will receive the instalment. To accomplish this, farmers are required to complete the e-KYC by submitting the necessary information and documents online. The seamless and efficient disbursement of the 14th instalment under the PM Kisan scheme relies significantly on the successful completion of this crucial verification step.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme Benefits

The PM-Kisan (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi) Scheme, initiated by the Government of India in February 2019, stands as a notable government endeavor. Its primary objective is to extend financial support to small and marginal farmers nationwide. The scheme acknowledges the pivotal role that farmers play in the Indian economy and aims to alleviate their financial hardships through direct income support. Here are some key advantages of the PM-Kisan Scheme:

  1. Income Support: The PM-Kisan Scheme primarily offers direct income support to farmers. It involves an annual disbursement of Rs 6000/- distributed in three instalments, with the 14th instalment currently in progress. This financial aid is directly deposited into the beneficiaries’ bank accounts, helping them manage agricultural expenses and enhance their livelihoods.
  2. Debt Relief: By providing consistent financial assistance, the scheme lessens the burden of debts on farmers. The additional income can be employed to repay loans and debts, thereby reducing financial strain within the farming community and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  3. Rural Economy Stimulus: The direct income support to farmers infuses capital into rural areas, boosting the purchasing power of the farming population. This, in turn, stimulates local businesses and contributes to the growth of the rural economy.
  4. Technology-Driven Implementation: The PM-Kisan Scheme is characterized by its technology-driven implementation. The entire process is conducted online, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and minimizing the likelihood of corruption or misappropriation of funds.
  5. Women Empowerment: The scheme acknowledges the significant role women play in agriculture and includes them as beneficiaries. Women farmers who own land are eligible to directly receive benefits, further empowering them and fostering gender equality in the agricultural sector.
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