MBBS in Georgia Fee Structure 2023-24: Tuition Fee, Cost of Living, Mess etc.

Embarking on the path to becoming a medical practitioner is a thrilling pursuit, yet the substantial expenses linked to medical education can pose a significant hurdle. For those aspiring to become doctors and seeking an affordable yet high-quality education, the prospect of pursuing an MBBS degree in Georgia has garnered noteworthy interest. Fortunately, Georgia presents a remedy! Let’s delve into how the fees for studying MBBS in Georgia can transform your aspirations into reality without causing financial strain. If the goal is to pursue an MBBS program overseas, Georgia stands out as one of the finest global destinations for medical education, ensuring top-notch learning opportunities.

Within this all-encompassing manual, we will thoroughly explore the nuances surrounding the fees associated with pursuing an MBBS degree in Georgia. This guide will delve into the perks, tuition costs, application procedures, and the overall educational encounter for international students. While studying MBBS in Georgia offers both pros and cons, the downsides are navigable.

What is MBBS in Georgia

Opting to pursue an MBBS degree in Georgia is akin to stumbling upon a remarkable opportunity. It enables you to obtain a medical qualification without shouldering an exorbitant financial burden. Georgian medical institutions provide exceptional education of the highest caliber, all at a significantly reduced expense in comparison to other locations. This renders the “MBBS in Georgia fee” an appealing choice for individuals in pursuit of excellence in education without the accompanying steep costs. On average, the tuition fees might fall within the range of [5000-8000 USD] per year.

Medical Colleges in Georgia Key Features

Before we get into the details of MBBS in Georgia fees, let’s look at some key features of Studying MBBS in Georgia.

CourseBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Eligibility10+2 (PCB) with 50%
Duration of MBBS Course in Georgia6 year
NEET RequirementYes NEET Qualified
Medium of TeachingEnglish
MBBS in Georgia Fee Structure5000-8000 USD/ Year
Hostel Fee200-260 USD/Year
Cost of Living in GeorgiaRs.12-15 Thousand/Month
RecognitionNMC and WHO approved
MBBS Georgia at 10 LakhEnquire Now

MBBS in Georgia Fee Structure 2023

When juxtaposed with medical colleges in other international destinations such as Russia, China, and Serbia, the tuition fees of Georgian medical institutions are slightly more elevated than those associated with other renowned MBBS programs. In the upcoming sections, we will guide you through the finest NMC-accredited universities and colleges in Georgia that cater to Indian students. This segment will furnish details about the fee structures for Indian students pursuing MBBS in Georgia. Consequently, the following information is presented in relation to the MBBS in Georgia fee:

S.No.Name of the UniversitiesTuition Fees/YearHostel Fees/YearAnnual Fees/Year
1Batumi Shota Rustaveli State UniversityRs. 4,20,000Rs. 2,10,000Rs. 6,30,000
2New Vision University GeorgiaRs. 4,90,000Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 6,90,000
3Akaki Tsereteli State UniversityRs. 4,30,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 4,70,000
4David Tvildiani Medical UniversityRs. 7,34,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 7,74,000
5European UniversityRs. 3,50,000Rs. 70,000Rs. 4,20,000
6Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Univ.Rs. 2,80,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 3,20,000
7LLC Caucasus International UniversityRs. 3,94,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 4,34,000
8Tbilisi State Medical UniversityRs. 5,94,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 6,34,000
9Geomedi Medical UniversityRs. 2,40,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 2,80,000
10East European UniversityRs. 3,50,000Rs. 1,75,000Rs. 5,25,000
11Tbilisi Medical University Hippocrates5,00,000NANA
12Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical AcademyRs. 4,20,000Rs. 2,10,000Rs. 6,30,000
13Teaching University GeomediRs. 4,26,000NARs. 4,26,000
14“AIETI” Medical SchoolRs. 5,01,620Rs. 46,000Rs. 5,47,620
15Tbilisi Public UniversityRs. 5,17,700NARs. 5,17,700
16Kutaisi Medical Institute, Georgia$5,500NANA
17Grigol Robakidze UniversityRs. 3,15,000Rs. 2,10,000Rs. 5,25,000

Please note that the currency symbol “Rs.” represents Indian Rupees, and “NA” indicates information not available.

Affordable Tuition Fees:

The foundation of the “MBBS in Georgia fee” lies in its affordability. Georgian medical institutions boast remarkably lower tuition fees when compared to their counterparts in other countries. This cost factor positions Georgia as an appealing destination for students hailing from diverse backgrounds, as they can pursue a comprehensive medical education without jeopardizing their financial stability. The tuition expenses for an MBBS in Georgia fee typically range from [5000-8000 USD] per year on average, substantially alleviating the financial strain typically associated with medical studies.

Navigating Tuition Fees:

It’s noteworthy that MBBS tuition fees can vary across different Georgian universities, yet they consistently remain budget-friendly when compared to conventional medical education hubs. This flexibility empowers students to choose from a spectrum of institutions that align with their preferences, while still benefiting from the cost-effective nature of the MBBS in Georgia fee. This array of choices ensures that prospective medical professionals can opt for a program that meets their requirements without compromising on quality.

Advantages of MBBS in Georgia Fee:

Beyond the economic advantage, embarking on an MBBS journey in Georgia presents a multitude of other benefits:

  • Quality Education: Georgian medical universities provide a high standard of education that aligns with international benchmarks. Students gain access to a wealth of valuable knowledge.
  • Language Convenience: Most universities offer MBBS programs in English, eliminating the need to learn a new language solely for the purpose of studying.
  • Expert Faculty: Seasoned educators who are experts in their respective domains guide students, nurturing their path towards becoming accomplished medical professionals.
  • Cultural Diversity: Collaborating with peers from diverse corners of the world introduces students to a multicultural setting, expanding their horizons and perspectives.
  • Safety and Warmth: Georgia’s reputation for safety and warm hospitality establishes an inviting atmosphere for international students, enabling them to concentrate on their studies and personal development.

Applying and Getting Support:

Applying for an MBBS program in Georgia is generally straightforward. Many universities have dedicated international student offices that assist applicants throughout the application process, streamlining the journey for prospective doctors from overseas. Moreover, specific Georgian universities extend scholarships and financial aid to meritorious international students, further alleviating the financial constraints tied to the “MBBS in Georgia fee.”

Country Overview

Area69,700 square kilometres (26,900 sq mi)
Capital CityTbilisi
Other largest cities are Kutaisi, Batumi, and Sokhumi, to name a few.
ClimateHumid Subtropical Climate
Literacy Rate99.4 %
Time ZoneUTC+4 (GET)
CurrencyGeorgian Lari
Religion88.1% of Christianity
—83.4% Georgian Orthodoxy
—5.7% Other Christian
10.7% Islam
1.2% Others/None
Updated: August 29, 2023 — 10:22 am

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