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[Live Poll] Should NEET & JEE Main 2020 be postponed?

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Education Minister has stated they Ministry of Education is not going to postone the NEET JEE 2020 Exam. He has staated that 90% Students have downloaded the admit card and they want to give exam. Lets take a poll and see whether downloading admit card denoted willingness of giving exam or not. If this poll get 1 lakh result then we will send the poll result to concerned ministry and PMO.

  1. Shivam Kumar sinha says

    I think jee neet postpone.

  2. Devendra kumar says

    NEET and JEE must be postpone

  3. Saipooja says

    Postpone jee and neet exams until we get vaccine we are ready to give our exams but it is not the right time to give exams .exams are our future. We should wait atleast for 2 months so that we get vaccine. Then we can happily give exams and the hardwork which we have done for it will won’t be wasted. We request only to postpone not for cancellation

  4. Rakesh Kumar Bajpai says

    It will only jeopardize the students interest and ambition. Any further postponement will ultimately mean foregoing the current years seat. Let us be practical and understand no government can double the seats next year due to limitation of infrastructure and resources. One semester is already lost, managing the situation already has become challenging. Even if there is some genuine challenge we have to sacrifice that for the wider good of the student community.

  5. AVINASH kumar says

    Please JEE neet prospond

  6. G.yamini says

    Please postpone the neet examination…….

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