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Bihar Board Physics Guess Question Paper 2021- Download BSEB 12th Physics Guess Objective Question For Board & Sent Up Exam 2020-2021 Set 4

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Bihar Board Physics Guess Question Paper 2021: Bihar Board is going to conduct the Sent Up Exam and Board Exam 2021 of Physics in November 2020 and February 2021 Respectively. In this post we have shared the Guess and Very Very Important MCQ Objective Question of Physics Paper.

31. Core of a transformer is made of

A. Soft Iron                                         B. Hard iron

C. Copper                                          D. Zinc

32. Which of the following is not accelerated by electric field

A. Proton                                            B. Neutron

C. Alpha-particle                                D. Electron

33. The ratio of the atomic numbers of two atoms is 1 : 27. Ratio of their nuclear radius is

A. 1 % 3                                        B. 1 % 1

C. 1 %  9                                         D. 1  %  2Ö3

34. Frequency range for ground wave should be

A. less than 0 MHz                            B. less than 1500 KHz

C. more than 105 MHz                      D. more than 100 MHz

35. Work done in deflecting an electric dipole through an angel q prallel to electric field E in uniform electric field (E) is

A. W = pE(1 – Cosq)                         B. W = pE(1 – Sinq)

C. W = pE Secq                                D. W = pE tanq

36. The majority current-carrier in n-type semiconductor is

A. hole                                                B. a-particle

C. electron                                         D. proton

37. Which of the following has maximum penetrating power?

A. X-rays                                            B. a-rays

C. Cathode rays                                D. g-rays

38. A nucleus of element 202 X first emits a-particle and then b-particle.The atomic number of resultant nucleus is

A. 82                             B. 83

C. 80                                             D. 198

39. In full wave rectification, if input frequency is 50Hz, then output frequency will be

A. 50 Hz                                              B. 25 Hz

C. 100 Hz                                            D. 200 Hz

40. The resistance and impedance of any circuit is 12W and 15W respectively. The power factor of the circuit will be

A. 0-4                                            B. 0-8

C. 0-125                                         D. 1-25

41 .In transmission of light waves, the angle between plane of oscillation and plane of polarisation is.

A. 00                                             B. 900

C. 450 D. 800

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