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Bihar Board Physics Guess Question Paper 2021- Download BSEB 12th Physics Guess Objective Question For Board & Sent Up Exam 2020-2021 Set 3

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Bihar Board Physics Guess Question Paper 2021: Bihar Board is going to conduct the Sent Up Exam and Board Exam 2021 of Physics in November 2020 and February 2021 Respectively. In this post we have shared the Guess and Very Very Important MCQ Objective Question of Physics Paper.

21. The equivalent capacity between A and B of the circuit element shown in figure below is

A. 9 mF                                                         B. 1 mF

C. 20 mF                                                       D. 1 mF

22. The relationship between geometrical length (Lg) and magnetic length (Lm) is

A. Lm = Lg                                   B. Lm = Lg

C. Lm = 2Lg                                       D. Lm = Lg

23. Refractive index of water and glass is 3 and 4 respectively. The critical angle for a light ray entering from glass into water is

A. Sin-1(90)                                        B. Sin-1(83)

C. Sin-1( 23) D. Sin-1(8)

24. In young’s double slit experiment, if the wavelength of light is doubled then fringe-width will be

A. equal                                              B. double

C. half                                                 D. one fourth

24. A three times magnified virtual image of an object kept at a distance of 24 cm. from a convex lens is formed. Focal length of the lens is

A. 72 cm                                             B. 36 cm

C. 24 cm                                            D. 48 cm

25. The necessary condition for resonance in L-C-R Circuit is

A. wL =  1                                                  B. L = wC

C. wL = C                                          D. None of these

26. An alternating current in a circuit is represented by I=50Cos100pt. The frequency of alternating current is

A. 100 Hz                                           B. 50 Hz

C. 25 Hz                                             D. 200 Hz

27. Brewster’s law is

A. m  = Sin ip                                       B. m = Cos ip

C. m = tan ip                                       D. m = tan2 ip

28. b-decay produces

A. isobars                                           B. isotopes

C. Isotones                                        D. All of these

29. Which of the following has the shortest wavelength?

A. X-rays                                            B. Radio waves

C. g-rays                                             D. Television waves

30. The relation between de Broglie’s wave length (l) and momentum (p) is

A.  l = h + p                                        B.  l = h

C. l = h x p2                                                           D.  l = p

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