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Bihar Board Physics Guess Question Paper 2021- Download BSEB 12th Physics Guess Objective Question For Board & Sent Up Exam 2020-2021 Set 2

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Bihar Board Physics Guess Question Paper 2021: Bihar Board is going to conduct the Sent Up Exam and Board Exam 2021 of Physics in November 2020 and February 2021 Respectively. In this post we have shared the Guess and Very Very Important MCQ Objective Question of Physics Paper.

11. 64 identical drops each of capacity 5mF combine to form a big drop. Capacity of the big drop will be

A. 4mF                                                 B. 25mF

C. 20mF                                               D. 164mF

12. When light enters from one medium to another, the quantity which remains constant is

A. Frequency                                     B. Velocity

C. Wave length                                  D. Amplitude

13. A current flows in a wire of resistance 5W having potential difference 7 Volt, for 20 minutes. The heat produced will be

A. 280 Cal                                          B. 140 Cal

C. 1400 Cal                                       D. 2800 Cal

14. The unit of reactance is

A. mho                                                B. ohm

C. ampere                                          D. farad

15. On increasing the length of the tube of a compound microscope its magnifying power.

A. decreases                                     B. increases

C. becomes zero                              D. does not change

16. For a light ray passing through a prism angle of incidence is I1 and angle of emergence is I2. In case of minimum deviation of the ray.

A. I1  = I2                                                                      B. I1>I2

C. I1<I2                                                                         D. None

17. The decimal number 25 in binary will be

A. ¼1001½2                                                                     B. ¼11001½2

C. ¼11101½2                                                                   D. ¼1100½2

18. The electric flux over the surface of a sphere having charge 10mC is

A. 36p x 10-6  Nm2/C                          B. 36p x 106  Nm2/C

C. 36p x 10-4  Nm2/C                         D. 36p x 104  Nm2/C

19. Which series falls in visible region of hydrogen spectrum?

A. Brackett series                              B. Paschen series

C. Lyman series                                D. Balmer series

20. The phenomenon of bending of light ray at sharp edge is called

A. Diffraction                                      B. Polarisation

C. Refraction                                     D. Interference

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