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Bihar Board Intermediate Biology Exam 2019 Answer Key SET D

Ques No Answer Ques No Answer
1 D 21 B
2 A 22 A
3 C 23 A
4 A 24 B
5 A 25 A
6 C 26 B
7 A 27 A
8 A 28 D
9 D 29 B
10 C 30 C
11 A 31 A
12 B 32 B
13 A 33 C
14 A 34 B
15 B 35 A
16 A
17 A
18 A
19 D
20 A
  1. Yeast reproduces by means of ?
  2. Ans-Budding
    1. Gametes are usually?


    1. Gyaneocium is made up of ?

    Ans-All of these

    1. Flower of valisenaria spp is

    Ans- Hydrophilous

    1. Uterus is releated to-

    Ans-Female Reproductive system

    1. The interior portion of sperm is covered by a cap like structure known as-


    1. The phenotypic ratio for F2 generation in incomplete dominance is

    Ans–1:2: 1

    1. L Miller is related to-

    Ans-origin and evolution of life

    1. Uracil is related to


    1. Synthesis of RNA on DNA template is known as


    1. Which of the following is a wrong pair-


    1. Lac Operon represent

    Ans- inducible gene system

    1. Drypoithicous is most similar to


    1. Amphibians among plant belong to-


    1. Sickle Cell anaemia is related to which type of disease-

    Ans- autosomal linked disease

    1. B lymphocyte is produced in-

    Ans-bone marrow

    1. Tuberculosis is transmitted by –


    1. Amplification of gene interest may be done by-


    1. Organic evolution was preceded by chemical evolution the champion of this theory is –

    Ans-opern and j b s haldane

    1. Opium is obtained from –

    Ans-somniferum Tubersoum

    1. Cryi controls –

    Ans-Corn Borer

    1. Rnai is used to control pest of-


    1. Restriction enzyme are known as –

    Ans-molecular season

    1. MPR gene is responsible for developing resistance in –


    1. For induction of Alien DNA in host cell we may use-


    1. Bioreactors provide optimal condition to produce desired-

    Ans- all of these

    1. Transgenic mice may be used for testing of the –

    Ans-safety of vaccine

    1. In a certain case of early and accurate detection of disease we may use-


    1. Taichung is a variety of –


    1. Nitrogen fixation in soil we may use –


    1. Bravery is concerned with-


    1. Pisciculture is culture of –

    Ans-aquatic animal

    1. Water holding capacity is one of the quality of –


    1. Number of deaths during a limited period of time and place for a particular population is known as-


    1. Climax community is present in which area is


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