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Bihar Board Inter/ 12th Syllabus 2023 : BSEB 12th/ Inter Syllabus (Science, Commerce, Arts) Pdf Download


Bihar Board Inter/ 12th Syllabus 2023: Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has released the syllabus of Class 12th Inter (Science, Commerce, Arts) Exam 2023. Bihar Board Inter syllabus 2023 has been released online on the official website of Bihar Board. Students who are going to appear for Bihar Board 12th Board Exam 2023 can download the Bihar Board 12th Inter Syllabus 2023 from the official website. The direct link to download Bihar Board 12th Class Inter Syllabus 2023 has been given on this page.

Students can download Bihar Board 12th Class (Science, Commerce, Arts) Syllabus from this page also. Students should download the Bihar Board Inter syllabus to get a thorough knowledge of exam pattern and syllabus of Bihar Board 12th Board Exam 2023.

Bihar Board Intermediate/12th Syllabus 2023: Overview

Name of BoardBihar School Examination Board
Exam NameBihar 12th Board Examination 2023
Exam Start DateFebruary 2023

Bihar Board Intermediate/12th Syllabus 2023 for Physics

Bihar Board Class 12th Physics Syllabus 2023
Electro statistics
Current Electricity
Magnetic effects of Current and Magnetism
Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
Electromagnetic waves
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Atoms and Nuclei
Electronic Devices

Bihar Board 12th/Intermediate Syllabus 2023 for Chemistry

Bihar Board 12th/Intermediate Syllabus 2023 for Chemistry
Solid state
Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry
General principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
P Block elements
D and F block elements
Coordination compounds
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Organic compounds containing Nitrogen
Biomolecules, Polymers, and Chemistry in everyday life

Bihar Board 12th/Intermediate Syllabus 2023 for Biology

Bihar Board 12th/Intermediate Syllabus 2023 for Biology
Genetics and Evolution
Biology and Human welfare
Biotechnology and its applications
Ecology and environment

Bihar Board Intermediate/12th Commerce Syllabus 2023

1Business Study

Bihar Board 12th/Intermediate Syllabus 2023 for Accountancy

Name of the UnitTopics
Introduction to Partnership1.1 Meaning and definitions1.2 The Indian partnership Act 19321.3 Methods of capital accountsFixed Capital MethodFluctuating Capital Method
Partnership Final Accounts2.1 Introduction and Necessity of preparation of Final Accounts with the following adjustments.Closing stockOutstanding expensesPrepaid expensesIncome received in advanceIncome receivableBad debtsProvision for doubtful debtsReserve for a discount on debtors and creditorsDepreciationInterest on capital, drawings, and loansInterest on investment and loansGoods destroyed by fire/ accident (insured / uninsured)Goods were stolenGoods distributed as free samplesGoods withdrawn by partnersUnrecorded purchases and salesCapital expenditure included in revenue expenses and vice-versaBills Receivable dishonouredBills payable dishonouredDeferred expensesCapital receipts included in revenue. Receipts and vice-versaCommission to working partner/ Managers based on Gross profit, Net profit, sales, etc.
Reconstitution of Partnership3.1 Meaning and different ways of reconstitution3.2 Admission of a partner3.2.1 Meaning and Need3.2.2 Capital brought by a new partner3.2.3 New profit sharing ratio3.2.4 Sacrifice ratio3.2.5 Goodwill – Meaning, Methods of valuation and treatment of goodwill.Average profit methodSuper profit method3.2.6 Adjustment of accumulated profits and losses.3.2.7 Revaluation of assets and liabilities3.2.8 Adjustment of capitals3.3 Retirement / Death of a partner3.3.1 Meaning, need3.3.2 New ratio3.3.3 Gain ratio3.3.4 Treatment of goodwill3.3.5 Adjustment of accumulated profits and losses3.3.6 Revaluation of assets and liabilities3.3.7 Adjustment of capital3.3.8 Amount due to retiring partner3.3.9 Death of a partner
Dissolution of Partnership Firm4.1 Simple dissolution, 4.2 Dissolution under Insolvency situation
Accounts of Not for Profit concerns5.1 Introduction, meaning, and features of Not for Profit concerns.5.2 Receipts and Payments Account meaning and features. The distinction between Income and Expenditure account.5.3 Preparation of Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet with the followinga) Additional InformationOutstanding expenses and prepaid expenses of the current and previous yearAccrued income and income received in advanceSubscription received in advance and Subscription outstanding of the current and previous yearDepreciationThe capitalization of entrance fees.Creation of special funds out of donationsStock of stationeryOpening balances of assets and liabilitiesb) Important Items: Entrance fees, Subscriptions, Legacy, life membership fees, Sale of old assets, Scrap, Newspapers, Specific donation, General Donations, Specific Funds, Endowment fund
Single entry system6.1 IntroductionMeaning of single entry system.Difference between single entry and the double-entry system.6.2 Preparation of statements6.3 Additional information.Additional capitalDrawingsDepreciation on fixed AssetBad DebtsReserve for Doubtful DebtsUndervaluation and Overvaluation of Assets and LiabilitiesInterest on loanInterest on capitalInterest on DrawingsPartners salaryOutstanding / Unpaid expensesPrepaid Expenses/ Expenses paid in advance.
Bill of Exchange (Only Trade Bill)7.1 Introduction, necessity, Meaning, Definition of Bill of Exchange7.2 Draft/format of Bills, Parties to the Bill of Exchange, Acceptance of Bill, Terms of Bill, Days of Grace, Date of maturity, Due Date, Types of Bill7.3 Honouring of Bill, Dishonour of Bill, Noting and Protesting of Bill, Notary Public and Noting Charges7.4 Accounting Treatment of Bill by the Drawer/Holder and Drawee in
following cases:Retaining the Bill till due date. honour/dishonour, insolvency of thedrawee/ acceptorEndorsement of the Bill, honour/dishonour and also insolvency ofacceptorDiscounting the Bill with the Bank honour/dishonour and insolvency.Sending the Bill to the Bank for collection, honour/dishonour, and insolvencyRenewal of Bill-Reasons for Renewal of the Bill. Renewal of Bill with orwithout charging interest.Making a part payment of basic amount, interest and noting charges anddrawing of new Bill.Honour/dishonour of New BillInsolvency of the acceptor and settlement of his accountRetirement of BillJournal Entries and Ledger
Company Accounts Part-I Accounting for shares8.1 Share and share capital, Meaning, Nature and Types.8.2 Accounting for Share Capital: Issue and Allotment of Equity Shares. Private placement of shares. Public subscription of shares. Oversubscription and Under subscription of shares. The issue at Par and premium, and discount, Calls in advance in arrears, Issue of shares for consideration other than cash.8.3 Accounting treatment of forfeiture and re-issue8.4 Disclosure of Share capital in the Company’s Balance Sheet (Horizontal form)
Company Accounts Part-II Accounting for Debentures9.1 Debentures: Meaning, Issue of debentures at par, at a premium and discount9.2 Issue of debentures for consideration other than cash. Interest on Debentures.
Analysis of financial statements10.1 Financial statement Analysis: meaning, objectives and limitations.10.2 Tools for financial statement Analysis-meaning of comparative statements, common-size statements, cash flow analysis, and Ratio analysis.10.3 Accounting Ratios: Meaning of objectives and classification of Ratios.10.4 Introductions to current ratio, liquid ratio, Gross profit ratio, operating profit ratio, and Net profit ratio. ROI, ROCI

Bihar Board 12th/Intermediate Syllabus 2023 for Economics

Name of the UnitTopics
Section A: Micro EconomicsIntroduction to Micro EconomicsConsumers behaviourDemandAnalysis of DemandElasticity of DemandAnalysis of SupplyTypes of Market & Price determination under perfect competitionFactors of Production
Section B: Macro EconomicsIntroduction to Macro Economics8. National IncomeDeterminants of AggregatesMoneyCommercial BankCentral BankPublic Economics

Bihar Board 12th/Intermediate Maths Syllabus 2023 for Commerce Stream

 Name of the Unit Topics
 Mathematical logic 1.1 Statements1.2 Logical Connectives1.3 Statement patterns and logical equivalence1.4 Algebra of statements1.5 Venn diagrams
Matrices2.1 Definition and types of matrices2.2 Algebra of matrices2.3 Inverse of a matrix2.4 Solution of equations
Continuity3.1 Continuity of a function at a point
 Differentiation 4.1 Derivative of Inverse function4.2 Logarithmic Differentiation4.3 Derivative of an implicit function4.4 Derivative of a parametric function4.5 Second order derivative
 Applications of Derivative 5.1 Increasing and decreasing functions5.2 Maxima and minima
 Indefinite Integration 6.1 Definition of an integral6.2 Integral of standard functions6.3 Rules of Integration6.4 Methods of Integration6.5 Integration by parts
 Definite Integrals 7.1 Definite Integral7.2 Properties7.3 Applications
 Ratio, Proportion and Partnership Ratio, proportion and partnership
 The commission, Brokerage and Discount 2.1 Commission and Brokerage2.2 Discount
 Insurance and Annuity 3.1 Insurance3.2 Annuity
Demography4.1 Introduction, Definition4.2 Uses of vital statistics4.3 Measurements of Mortality4.4 Life tables
 Bivariate Data and Correlation 5.1 Bivariate frequency distribution5.2 Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation5.3 Rank correlation
 Regression Analysis Introduction 6.1 Equation of the line of regression6.2 Regression coefficients and their properties.

Bihar Board 12th Arts Syllabus 2023

2Political Science

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