BHMS New Syllabus 2022 : NCH Introduces new BHMS Syllabus, Pattern Download New BHMS Syllabus

NCH has introduced new syllabus for BHMS from 2022.

Highlights of NEW BHMS Syllabus 2022

  • Study of all Homeopathy subjects (including repertory) from the 1st BHMS. Examination of Organon and MM again added.
  • Two new departments & subjects added, i.e Research methodology and biostatistics & Fundamentals of YOGA
  • Two elective subjects implemented and will start in second term of 1st BHMS and extend through the 2nd and 3rd BHMS
  • Clinical training of the students shall start from 1st proff. During 1st proff. clinical training should be provided in OPD, IPD, community and peripheral clinics
  • One periodic and one term test in every 6 months
  • Compulsory for every student to pass with minimum 50% marks in the internal assessment examinations prior to filling the final university examination form
  • Theory exams shall have 20% MCQ, 40% short questions & 40 % long questions
  • Examination of 2 new subjects i.e Psychology in Homoeopathy & Yoga in 1st proff., examination of Community Medicine included in 2nd proff., Repertory exam in 3rd and 4th proff., Modern pharmacology exam in 3rd proff., Research methodology and Yoga in 4th proff. included.
  • Stipend: During internship, to the interns belonging to Central Government, State Government and Union territory institution ar private homeopathy medical colleges/institution,the stipend will be as par other medical systems under respective Government ar ne any discrepancy between medical systems.

New Changes in BHMS Syllabus 2022

Duration of B.H.M.S. course –The duration of the B.H.M.S. Programme shall be five years
and six months as per the following table, namely:

Sr NoBHMS CourseDuration
1First Professional B.H.M.S.18 Months
2Second Professional B.H.M.S.12 Months
3Third Professional B.H.M.S12 Months
4Fourth (Final) Professional B.H.M.S12 Months
5Compulsory Rotatory Internship12 Months

Department and Subjects in professional B.H.M.S. Course 2022

Homoeopathic Materia Medica Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Organon of Medicine with Homoeopathic Philosophy Organon of Medicine with Homoeopathic Philosophy and Fundamentals of Psychology
RepertoryRepertory and Case Taking
Human AnatomyAnatomy, Histology and Embryology
Human Physiology and BiochemistryPhysiology and Biochemistry
Forensic Medicine & ToxicologyForensic Medicine & Toxicology
Pathology & MicrobiologyPathology & Microbiology
Community Medicine and public healthCommunity Medicine and public health
Gynaecology and ObstetricsGynaecology and Obstetrics
Practice of MedicinePractice of Medicine with Introduction to Modern Pharmacology
Research Methodology & BiostatisticsResearch Methodology & Biostatistics
Fundamentals of YogaYoga in context to Homoeopathic philosophy
Homoeopathic PharmacyHomoeopathic Pharmacy

Subjects in 1st BHMS/ 1st Year (New Syllabus 2022)

Subjects in 2nd BHMS/ 2nd Year (New Syllabus 2022)

Subjects in 3rd BHMS/ 3rd Year (New Syllabus 2022)

Subjects in 4th BHMS/ Final Year (New Syllabus 2022)

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  1. Sellebus of first to final year of BHMS session 2022-23

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