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If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Filing a personal injury claim can be a complex and lengthy process, and doing so without legal representation may present numerous challenges. Hiring a skilled attorney can provide you with physical and emotional relief.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Connecticut

We are here to assist you in navigating the legal process and advocating for a complete and just recovery of what you are rightfully owed, marking a historic moment in Connecticut. To gain comprehensive insights into the best personal injury lawyer in Connecticut, we encourage you to read this article in its entirety.

2023 Best Personal Injury Attorneys Overview 

Article Title Best personal injury lawyer in Connecticut
Category Injury cover 
Money will not cover If the fault is over 50 percent 
Claim Personal injury
Occupation Doctor Lawyer
Customer care855-298-1170

The Doctor Lawyer Team

NameArea of Practice Address
Barlett and Grippe LLC Wrongful death trucking accidents personal injury sexual abuse motorcycle accidents143 my street Cheshire , CT 06510
Ivey Barnum and O’Mara, LLCPersonal injury verdicts and settlement videos CBSE 48 hours murder at Sea170, Mason Street , Greenwich, CT 06830 2036616000
Connecticut Trial Firm LLCJustice and ensuring our clients rights personal injury 437, naubuc Ave#107 , Glastonbury CT 06033 8604718333
Robinson Mahoney PLLCPersonal injury 1210 post RD Fairfield CT 06824 2036922186
The Pickle Law firmComplex cases including car accident medical malpractice personal injury1700, Bedford St Stamford CT 06905 203 3484100
Tremont Sheldon PCPersonal injuries as car accident child sexual abuse dog bites medical male practice and market compensation64, Lyon Terrace Bridgeport CT 06604 2033355145
Alex H Schwartz Attorney at lawPersonal injury2425, Post Rd , Suite 101 , Southport , CT 06890 2032559829
Cohen and Wolf PC Personal injury 1115, broad, st. Bridgeport CT 06604 , 2033680211

Steps a Personal Injury Attorney in Connecticut to Take on Your Behalf

Hiring a qualified and competent personal injury lawyer to pursue financial compensation for your personal losses can be a valuable solution. Here are the steps that a Personal Injury Attorney in Connecticut may take on your behalf:

  1. Conduct an Investigation: One of the initial steps your lawyer will take is to initiate an independent investigation of the accident. This may involve visiting the accident scene, taking photographs, and documenting essential details in a diary.
  2. Gather Reports: Your lawyer will request and review any reports related to the accident. This could include police reports, incident reports, or any other relevant documentation.
  3. Examine Medical Records: Your attorney will closely examine your medical records to understand the extent of your injuries and treatment. This examination will help in determining the value of your claim.

It’s crucial to work closely with your attorney throughout the process, providing them with all necessary information and cooperating fully to build a strong case for your personal injury claim.

Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys

Once your lawyer determines the value of your claim, they will proceed to handle the necessary paperwork, which may involve negotiations with the liable party or their insurance company. Under the guidance of Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys, the liable party may need to submit the required documents or evidence in court if a lawsuit is pursued.

Your attorney will manage the complexities and challenges that arise during the process and take all necessary steps to seek compensation on your behalf. It’s important to note that many personal injury cases are resolved through negotiations before the entire legal process is completed.

Connecticut Practice Areas encompass various legal areas and specialties, reflecting the diverse range of legal services available in the state. These areas may include personal injury, family law, real estate, criminal defense, and more, depending on the specific needs and circumstances of clients seeking legal assistance in Connecticut.

Connecticut Practice Areas

  • Bicycle accidents 
  • birth injury 
  • car accident 
  • burn injury 
  • clergy abuse 
  • dog bite 
  • defective product 
  • medical malpractice 
  • motorcycle accident 
  • pedestrian accident 
  • psychiatric 
  • wrong full death 
  • wage and hour 
  • truck accident 
  • Spine injury 
  • sexual abuse 
  • traumatic brain injury 
  • water contamination at Camp Legion etc

Connecticut’s Modified Comparative Negligence Law

Connecticut employs a modified comparative negligence law when assessing fault in accidents. Under this legal framework, it is common for multiple parties to share some degree of responsibility for an accident. It’s important to note that you can still pursue compensation even if you are found to be partially at fault.

However, it’s crucial to understand that your degree of fault should not exceed 50%. The amount of compensation you can claim is directly linked to the extent of your fault. For instance, if you seek the full amount of ₹2 lakh and you are determined to be 30% liable, you may be eligible to receive approximately $140,000 in compensation. This system allows individuals to seek compensation even when they share some responsibility for the incident, as long as their degree of fault is below the threshold specified by the law.

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