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2nd Year Organon Important Question- BHMS 2nd Year Organon of Medicine VVI Question 2022


In this post we have shared the important and VVI Question of 2nd Year Organon of Medicine, Kent, Close and Roberts.

1.Case taking -objectives, instructions of Hahnemann.

2. Different editions of organon of Medicine

3. Define logic. Inductive logic in detail.

4.Fundamental principles of homeopathy.

5. Ideal cure definition. Mission of physician.

6. Primary and secondary action of medicine.

7. Drug proving. Definition. Objectives. Steps

8. Different modes of treatment.

9. Classification of diseases according to Hahnemann

10. Concept of health according to Hahnemann.

11. Ground plan of organon.

12. Examination of patient according to stuart close.

13. What happens when two dissimilar diseases meet.? Explain

14. What happens when two similar diseases meet.? Explain.

15. How does homeopathic cure take place. Explain

16. Role of vital force in health, disease, cure.

17. Acute diseases definition, types, examples, management.

18. Qualifications of homeopathic physician.

19. Cure and recovery -definition and differences betw them.

20. Homeopathic law of nature. Explain

21. Susceptibility definition and factors affecting it.

22. Differences between palliation, supression and cure

23. Discovery of Homeopathy and differences between Homeopathy and allopathy.

24. Chronic diseases definition, types, management.

25. Modus operandi of Homeopathic cure.

26. Simple substance and its qualities.

27. Do’s and Don’t s in case taking according to Hahnemann

28. Relation between general pathology and Homoeopa according to stuart close.

29. Define symptom and explain various types of symptoms

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