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LNMU Online Study Material: Download LNMU Covid 19 Graduation, PG MA MSC MCOM Study Material PDF

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Lalit Narayan Mithila University has released the Online Study Material for UG PG Courses due to Corona Covid 19 Lockdown.

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Darbhanga District

Sl. No.Name of the CollegePrincipalPhoneMobileE-mail IdLink of Study Material
01C. M. College, Darbhanga.Dr. Mushtaque Ahmad06272-2222649431414586
[email protected]Link to Study Material
02C. M. Science College, DarbhangaDr. Prem Kumar Prasad06272-2220519431870819[email protected]Link to Study Material
03C. M. Law College, DarbhangaDr. Badre Alam Khan 8987128054[email protected]Link to Study Material
04Marwari College, DarbhangaDr. Shyam Chandra Gupta06272-2221969431050453[email protected]Link to Study Material
05M. R. M. College, DarbhangaDr. Arvind Kumar Jha9931804094[email protected]Link to Study Material
06K. S. College, Laheriasarai, DarbhangaDr. Md. Rahamtullah06272-2336729431443438[email protected]Link to Study Material
07M. K. College, Laheriasarai, DarbhangaDr. Ramesh Yadav06274-2221689472015655[email protected]Link to Study Material
08Millat College, Laheriasarai, DarbhangaDr.Vijoy Mishra06272-2221969931997119[email protected]Link to Study Material
09M. L. S. M. College, DarbhangaDr. Vidya Nath Jha06272-2205509931463352[email protected]Link to Study Material
10B. M. A. College, Baheri, DarbhangaDr. Satya Narayan Paswan 9471613247 [email protected]Link to Study Material
11M. K. S. College, Trimuhan Chandauna, DarbhangaDr. Navin Kumar06226-2518079430084062[email protected]Data not found
12J. K. College, Biraul, DarbhangaDr.Phool Kant Kumar 8544513333[email protected]Link to Study Material
13J. N. College, Nehra, DarbhangaDr. Chy. Abhay Nath Roy 9162258067 [email protected] Link to Study Material

Madhubani District

Sl. No.Name of the CollegePrincipalPhoneMobileE-mail IdWebsite
01R. K. College, MadhubaniDr. Anil Kumar Mandal9431632410[email protected]Link to Study Material
02J. N. College, MadhubaniDr. Daman Kumar Jha06276-2222479431086136[email protected]Link to Study Material
03R. N. College, Pandaul, MadhubaniDr. B. C. Jha8544513353[email protected]Link to Study Material
04B. M. College, Rahika, MadhubaniDr. Kshitesh Kumar9905915565[email protected]Link to Study Material
05K. V. Sc. College, Ucchaith, MadhubaniDr. Digamber Thakur Dinkar8340194225[email protected]Link to Study Material
06J. M. D. P. L. Mahila College, MadhubaniDr. U. N. Tiwari9199923573[email protected]Link to Study Material
07L. N. J. College, Jhanjharupr, MadhubaniKedar Nath Jha9430935134[email protected]Website not found
08M. L. S. College, Sarisabpahi, MadhubaniDr. Anil Kumar Mandal9431632410[email protected]
09H. P. S. College, Madhepur, MadhubaniDr. Bhim Nath Jha9973409895[email protected]Link to Study Material
10C. M. J. College, Downwarihat, MadhubaniDr. Mahesh Prasad Sinha7903043012 [email protected]Link to Study Material
11C. M. B. College, Deorh, Ghoghardiha, MadhubaniDr. Kirtan Sahu7979816823[email protected]Data not found 
12D. B. College, Jaynagar, MadhubaniDr.Nand Kumar06246-2220769430468961.,8789963955.[email protected]Link to Study Material
13V. S. J. College, Rajnagar, MadhubaniShri Ganga Nath Jha9431654277[email protected]Website not found

Samastipur District

Sl. No.Name of the CollegePrincipalPhoneMobileE-mail IdWebsite
01Samastipur College, SamastipurDr. Meena Prasad06274-2204339939052560[email protected]Link to Study Material
02R. N. A. R. College, SamastipurDr. Bhola Chaurasia06278- 2212429431883291[email protected]Link to Study Material
03B. R. B. College, SamastipurDr. Laxman Pd. Jaiswal06274-2223669430527575[email protected]Link to Study Material
04Women’s College, SamastipurDr. Shambhu Kumar Yadav06274-2220179431859046[email protected]Link to Study Material
05A. N. D. College, Shahpur Patory, SamastipurDr. Birendra Kumar Choudhary9931470706[email protected]Link to Study Material
06R. B. S. College, Andaur, SamastipurDr.Indu Shekhar Singh[email protected]Link to Study Material
07R. B. College, Dalsinghsarai, SamastipurDr. Dilip Kumar06278-2334519431896545[email protected] [email protected]Data not found
08U. P. College, Pusa, SamastipurDr. Ram Awadhesh Kumar06275- 2222269471455578[email protected]Link to Study Material 
09U. R. College, Rosera, SamastipurDr.Anand Mohan Jha9431425273[email protected]Data not found
10D. B. K. N. College, Narhan, SamastipurDr. G.N.Jha06275-2602577631610581[email protected]Link to Study Material
11Dr. L. K. V. D. College, Tajpur, SamastipurDr. Farzana Bano Azimi8544513358[email protected]Link to Study Material 
12G. M. R. D. College, Mohanpur, SamastipurDr. Ghanshyam Roy9473378263
[email protected]Link to Study Material

Begusarai District

Sl. No.Name of the CollegePrincipalPhoneMobileE-mail IdWebsite
01G. D. College, BegusaraiDr. Awadhesh Kumar Singh06243- 2220079431861501[email protected]Link to Study Material
02S. B. S. S. College, BegusaraiDr. Laxman Jha06243-2225879472807694[email protected]Link to Study Material
03S. K. M. College, BegusaraiDr. Bimal Kumar06243-2221639431862444[email protected]Data not found
04A. P. S. M. College, Barauni, BegusaraiJeevananad Jha9934241993[email protected]Link to Study Material
05R. C. S. College, Manjhaul, BegusaraiDr. Navin Kumar Singh06243-2869758544205484[email protected]Link to Study Material

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