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PPU Start Online classes for vocational courses

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Patliputra University (PPU) have started online classes for the students of vocational courses. Due to nationwide lockdown to prevent spread of coronavirus, all the affiliated Colleges of PPU have started taking Online Classes. Currently the Online Classes for Vocational Courses have been started.

Gulab Chand Ram Jaiswal vice-chancellor (VC) of PPU said- “The uncertainty over resumption of normal academic activities at the colleges under the present circumstances prompted us to introduce online classes for students,”

Mr Jaiswal also added that the university was keen to provide maximum support to students and help them prepare for ensuing examinations.

He also added that “Students had requested college principals to start online classes at least for a few vocational courses so that they can prepare for the next semester examinations due in June or July this year,” Quoted by TOI.

According to Nath, teachers are conducting online classes through power point presentations. “Assignments are being given to students online. There are six teachers in the MBA department,” he said.

A N College principal S P Sahi said the college has no option but to switch over to online classes for the students of vocational courses. “Hundreds of MBA and MCA students are availing online classes. Teachers of these two postgraduate departments are in constant touch with students,” he added.

B S College-Danapur principal Pravin Kumar said the college has started online classes for the students of MBA, MCA, BBA and BCA. Coordinators of these courses are uploading at least two lectures per week. “Teachers get feedback from students and clear their doubts,” he said.

M D College-Naubatpur principal Kanhaiya Prasad Sinha said online classes have started for about 40 BCA students only.

B D College’s MBA students Rakhi Kumari, Vaishnavi and Manisha said they were getting full support from the teachers. “The subject teachers also clear our doubts,” they said.

As published by TOI.

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