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தமிழ்நாடு நில தகவல், TN Patta Chitta | How to View Patta Chitta Online, Check Status Tamilnadu

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TN Patta Chitta: In this post we will know what is Patta Chitta, How to check Patta Chitta Online, How to Check status of Patta Chitta in Online Mode?, online application, eligibility, application status and validity of TN Patta Chitta.

Patta Chitta is a new, easy and effective way to save up and check the land records present in the state of Tamil Nadu in online Mode. You can access the Patta Chitta Online on It is an Online Service Launchec by Tamil Nadu government to check and view land records / Patta Chitta details online.

What is Patta?

Patta is an official document issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu for Land in the name of the real owner of the property. It is a revenue record of specific land. It is also known as “Record of Rights” (ROR).  Patta Contains following records

  • Name of the property owner
  • Name of the district concerned, taluka and village
  • Patta number
  • Survey Number and Subdivision
  • Land Area Information and Tax Details
  • Description of land being wetland or dryland

What is a Chitta?

Chitta is an official legal revenue document about an immovable property. It is issued by Taluka Office by Village Administration Officer (VAO).

Overview of TN Patta Chitta Land Record

Portal NameTN Patta Chitta Land Record
Service ProviedPatta Chitta, Tamil nadu Land Records, TN Patta View Status Check
GovernmentTamil Nadu State Government
ObjectiveFacilitating access to information through digitization
Department NameRevenue Department

Step by step procedure to obtain the Patta Chitta-

1: Open the government official land records website of Tamil Nadu .

2: Select the option of Patta/FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract.

3. Select the District, select area type Rural or Urban and click Submit.

4: Select the Taluk, Village, Select Patta or Survey Number and enter the respective number in the field.

5: Enter the authentication number correctly which will be displayed below the field. Click on submit.

6: Now you can view the Patta Chitta extract from Town survey land register which is available to you,

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