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How to attempt the SSC CHSL Tier I Exam

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SSC CHSL Tier I examination is near-at-hand, it is time to implement and test all the knowledge accumulated over the months. Days of tedious hard work and preparation boils down to how you attempt the paper and perform in the examination hall. A strategic time balanced approach while solving the paper complimented with some foresight will enable you to solve the paper in a timely fashion without haste.

We have listed some suggestions and tips that will come to your rescue and shall help you in attempting the paper productively. Time management, your speed of solving the paper and a calm composure are the key points to remember, along with following the mentioned strategy.

Get comfortable with the exam pattern

SSC CHSL Tier I exam is conducted online so every candidate should practice their test series and mock tests online to get accustomed to the pattern. Once you are comfortable with the exam pattern, you would know what comes next, and all the effort can be utilised in higher accuracy and minimum negative marks. Your goal is to solve 100 questions in 60 minutes accurately, therefore, getting acquainted with the exam pattern and the scoring schema will prove useful in your performance.

Be mindful about the timer

Many well-prepared candidates fail to solve the entire question paper thus losing out in the race. If you are unable to solve the exam within the time limit, all your preparation and hard work go in vain hence be aware and mindful of the time. Divide 60 minutes across the sections judiciously to maximise correct attempts and score. Also, do not waste time in getting an overview of the paper, just begin solving the questions as they come. 

Towards the end of the exam, do not panic about the time left and the number of questions unattempted. Keep a similar pace of solving the questions and prevent yourself from marking the answers needlessly as guesswork just to increase the number of questions attempted. This will result in high negative marks.

Prioritize your strengths 

As there is no sectional timer in SSC CHSL Tier I, you have the liberty to plan your attempts against your strengths. You may begin the exam with the section you find the easiest as it will relatively take lesser time and will provide more confidence for the remaining questions. 

For eg., If you are good in English, you will be able to solve questions like synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks within seconds consequently giving you more time to solve quantitative aptitude section or other sections whichever you find the hardest.

Learn to skip questions

Don’t be too emotional while solving the exam paper, if you are unable to deduce an answer in the first attempt it’s wiser to mark it for review and move on. Do not miss other solvable easy questions at the expense of one difficult one. The strategy to score maximum in SSC CHSL Tier I is to solve the maximum number of questions correctly and not the few difficult ones. Play to your strengths and score maximum marks to qualify the exam. 

Recall the formulas and shortcuts

At the beginning of the exam, take a few seconds to recall all the important formulas and shortcuts. Do not waste those few minutes before the exam thinking about unnecessary negative thoughts instead productively revise the formulas and gear up to give your best and qualify SSC CHSL Tier I examination. You may also write the ones you are forgetting on the rough sheet after the exam begins.

Do not panic during the exam

Remain calm and attentive in those 60 minutes to find out how easy it is to succeed in this exam. If you are unable to solve a few questions in the beginning, a feeling of fear tends to set in and your job is to not let that happen. Direct your time and mind on only your goal and that is to give your best in the exam. Don’t think about “what if”, concentrate on efficiently solving the questions.

Have faith and confidence in your preparation. Also, you can refer to SSC CHSL Online coaching app to apply the tips and tricks mentioned above with ease which will surely bring a noticeable change in your performance while attempting the exam. Hope you succeed in SSC CHSL Tier I Exam.

All the best.

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