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Stress Management Techniques for Students in High School

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Stress is a fact in the lives of hundreds of people. People of different ages, views, behaviors. Nowadays there are numerous perspectives to look at stress – some say it is ruining people’s health, nervous system, and relationships, affecting the whole attitude to life; others claim that stress might be useful since it’s a good trigger that stimulates all the resources of our body to work 200 %. Many men – many minds! 

Stress has got so much place in the everyday life that we have even named a whole month (April) a National Stress Awareness Month. Well done, but what exactly should we do to endure less stress, except for simply being aware of its existence? 

While stress still remains the subject of controversy, relying on scientific studies we can infer that it’s the amount of stress that decides whether its impact will be positive or negative.

How to Take the Reins in the Battle with the Bad Stress

High school and college students know firsthand how tiresome it might be to lead a lifestyle with so many duties, responsibilities, and so much work. Parents and teachers, without any doubts, can say the same – with each year, young people become more and more exposed to stress and anxiety. In fact, some students get so desperate that they think ‘I would rather pay to do my essay for me than squeeze the guts out of myself to do it!’ Well, that may sometimes be the right decision, but let’s talk about overcoming stress in the first place.

Hopefully, there is one thing we all agree on – we should gain the skills of managing stress well to be happy and productive in everything we plan or do. To start learning this, consider the following techniques.

Be attentive to your natural sleep-and-awake rhythms.

Many students buy on the popular lies that if they sleep less, it means the things they will manage to do in a day will increase. However, as the real life shows, it has the reverse effect, – with the considerable lack of sleep, you become easily irritated, demotivated, and feel that unhealthy tension in your brain. There aren’t many people who would enjoy this condition and be eager to work under it, are there?

What if instead of looking for the 25th hour in a day you would try leaving an extra hour for a night of healthy sleep? In fact, being deep in sleep for not less than 7 hours will have a better effect than chasing extra time for studies. Try and see!

Be generous enough to give yourself a break.

You know that feeling when after delving into a particular subject, for instance, history, you find it so weird to return to reality? It seems as if you got stuck somewhere in those Medieval times and your mind can’t help but continue digesting all that information. This effect is natural if you don’t stop for a while. 

For being a successful student and remaining a part of reality, there is such a genius trick, named ‘taking pauses’. What is magical about it? According to the study conducted in 2016 by the psychologist Karrie Godwin and a supporting team of researchers, shorter lessons or studying intervals keep learners attentive better than longer ones. It was even recommended to have 10-minute lessons instead of 30-minute or more. 

Why? Because brain breaks aren’t so useless as we were thinking of them! By the cutting-edge research, made by Massachusetts Institute of Technology back in 2012, it was proved that the neural activity during breaks, when students simply ‘daydream’, is vital for consolidating the learned material. Moreover, it’s essential for better focus, further comprehension, and divergent thinking. Wanna be a genius? Take breaks!

Get moving and take good care of yourself.

Here is what we suggest – to get the victory over stress, concentrate more on the other, positive side. You can’t defeat stress if you roam around and think ‘Oh, how stressed I am!’, – the way out is hidden in focusing on the opposite – on the things that make your body and mind feel happy!

Doing physical exercises can the illustration of this. Scientists who have been studying this process for some time know that exercising actually boosts endorphins and bump up your mood all of a sudden. Okay, here we don’t agitate you to go in for sports with all of your head. Set yourself SMART goals, do morning gymnastics, in the end, try running in your local park. Limit yourself to a short amount of time, and do what you like, – that is how you vanquish stress and anxiety. 

We are sure that by doing your best as a high school student to make those pieces of advice a part of your routine, you will reduce the stress level in the most promising years of your life and reach the heights where you see yourself in the future. 

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