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Bihar Board Inter Biology Guess V.V.V.I Important Question for Practice Set 1

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Practice these questions of Biology for Inter Exam 2020.

1. How many codons are present in Genetic code ?

2. Ovulation in female (human) is induced by which hormone?

3. Embryosac is originated from which of the following structure?

4. Which one is applicable for screening test of AIDS ?

5. Which type of Enzyme is used in PCR technology?

6. The basis of DNA finger printing is –

7. The percentage of energy transferred from one trophic level to another is –

8. Bacteria and Fungi are –

9. Methanogens do not produce

10. Which of the following is a nitrogen fixer?

A. Ulothrix B. Anabaena and Nostoc C. Paramoecium D. All of these

11. Conditions of 2n + 1 and 2n + 2 are called as –

12. Effect of ultraviolet rays on DNA is –

13. Which one is sex-determination factor in humans ?

14. Fossil bird Archaeopteryx evolved during which period ?

15. Which one is the connecting link between animal and plant?

16. Gemmules are specialization of which of the following?

17. In which plant, water medium is necessary for fertilization?

18. In which female animal, oestrus cycle does not occur ?

19. Which organelle is not present in the cytoplasm of ovum ?

20. Treponema pallidum is a causal organism of which disease?

21. TC- Loop is found in which of the following RNA?

22. Which enzyme is required in the process of transcription ?

23. Wings of insects and birds are known as –

24. Which of the following is an example of desert adaptation ?

25. BCG vaccine is introduced to prevent against which of the following disease?

26. Rabies disease is caused by which causal organism in the followings?

27. Which disease in the following is a autoimmune disease?

28. Which transgene is present in Golden Rice?

29. What is BT toxin?

30. Which of the following is exotic variety of fish?

31. An example of Ex-situ conservation is –

A. Botanical garden B. Zoological garden C. Both A and B D. Ecosystem

32. Which of the following have the highest number of species in nature?

33. An example of the ex-situ conservation method for endangered species is –

34. Which of the following is product of biotechnology?

35. Natural genetic engineer in the following is –

36. Which one is protected area for elephants?

37. Which pollutant is responsible for Acid rain?

38. Green house gases absorb which of the following ?

39. Which of the following is a heavy metal water pollutants?

40. Which of the following is harmful for vegetavbles ?

41. Relaxin is secreted by –

42. Ovulation takes place in –

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