5 Common Mistakes ESL Students Make When Writing a Personal Statement

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Now, you are going to write a personal statement. Do you have a plan already about what you are going to write? If yes, lucky you are, because in most cases, it is very complicated to determine the most significant things that would impress your readers. If no, you can always refer your issue to a professional personal statement writing service provider. And in any case, make sure you avoid 10 mistakes that could ruin the entire impression from your personal statement.

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Avoid These Common Mistakes

All students want to do their best when they are writing a personal statement. And it is clear why, the personal statement is going to determine, partially, but still, if a student is going to study at the selected college or he/she will be denied such an opportunity. That’s why it is important to avoid the most common and, hence, the most irritating mistakes.

  • Breaking the rules. No, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid by all means being non-standard. We mean usual technical requirements, such as word count limitation. If you cannot express your thoughts within the requested volume, most likely, you will not impress the committee and will definitely not persuade them to accept you for studies.
  • Sticking to the past. Of course, you might be proud of your achievements that you have made in your primary school, but these people who are deciding whether you deserve to be accepted or not are interested in different things. They want to know what you are now: your plans, your desires, your hobbies, and activities.
  • Trying to make them feel pity for you. It is possible that some heartbreaking story influenced your decision to study the selected subjects in that particular college. Of course, you can mention why it is so relevant to you. But do not try to use this story as a way to pressure the admission committee. They want to admit you because you deserve it, not because they feel pity for you.
  • Apologizing all the time. Come on, you are telling your story, what should you apologize for? you are what you are. You want to study there and you are trying to persuade the guys in the admission committee that you are among the best applicants. Should you apologize for it?
  • Trying to fit everything in one paper. It is not the main purpose of the task. Nobody is expecting from you your entire biography. People are interested in things relevant to your possible studies. So, it is enough to mention the facts that could have influenced your decision to select a particular college and direction.
  • Not finding the right balance. By presenting your personal statement, you show your interest in this particular college. But what can you give to your potential study place? And in what way studying there might influence your life? So, you should show the profit for both sides.

What If You Are Still Struggling with What to Write?

If you don’t know how to express all that you want to share, or if you have doubts about your writing skills, do not risk. Your future might depend on this paper, and this is not the best time to risk with it. to impress the admission committee and to present them the best personal statement, order it from a professional. Just let the expert know what moments you would like to mention, to highlight, and get your essay written in the most proper way.

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