How to get Magadh University Degree Certificate and Marksheet Online?

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Magadh University has started accepting Online Application for issuance of Degree Certificate and Marksheet. Student needs to apply online at the official website of Magadh University to apply for Degree Certificate and Marksheet. Student needs to fill all the academic details and Pay the fee in order to get Degree Certificate and Marksheet from Magadh University.

Magadh University Online Application and Process for issuance of Certificate and Mark Sheet

The Process to get Magadh University Certificate and Marksheet has become very simple. Now student did need to visit again and again for applying and getting Degree Certificate and Marksheet. The Online System for Marksheet and Certificate has been started by Magadh University. Now student only needs to apply for certificate and Marksheet online and Pay the fee. The following certificates will be issued through the online system.

  • Degree Certificate
  • Provisional Certificate
  • Mark Sheet
  • Migration Certificate

How To Apply for Magadh University Certificate/ Marksheet?

Follow the steps given below to apply for Magadh University Marksheet and Certificate:-

  • Fill all the details and Make Payment
  • You can receive the Document by Your self or by Post after 30 Days.


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    Ye sab magadh university ka site San fake hai certificate nahi banta hai. Hum to 10/07/2019 ok hi apply liye lakin 28/11/2019 tak nahi bana hai.

  2. Devlok Anand says

    Really very disgusting!
    Could not have access to the payment mode!!
    Tried many times but all in vain!!
    The university Management team should work for its functioning otherwise it is just waste of time!!

  3. Amitesh Kumar says

    Brajesh kumar, aapko ab mila kya degree. Mujhe bhi chahiye degree mai kaise lu. Kya university ke chakkar katne parega.

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