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Bihar Board Official Psychology Arts Exam 2019 Answer Key and Solution- 13/02/2019- All sets

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The exam of Bihar Board Psychology for Arts Stream 2019 has been concluded and now students are eagerly waiting for the correct answer key. The exam was conducted all over the state of Bihar at various centers. The exam has been concluded on 13-02-2019 at 5 PM. Our team is ready with the correct answer key of Psychology. Scroll down the page to check the correct answer key of Psychology exam 2019.

Bihar Board 100 Marks Official Psychology MCQ Objective Answer Key- All 50 Question All Sets

Bihar Board Answer Key- – Click Here

  1. University is an Exam of Formal Group.
  2. Highly Organised Group is Army.
  3. Which of the following therapy is propounded by Albert Ellis? Behavior therapy
  4. Example of a natural disaster are/is- All of these
  5. Who has presented a two-step concept of attitude change? S.M Mohsin
  6. anorexia nervosa is a disorder in which the patient feels Less Hunger
  7. Which statement of Psychoanalysis method of Freud is Correct? Psychoanalysis is a therapy
  8. Who has defined aggression in such form- “Aggression is an intentional injury of or harm to another person” Berkowitz
  9. Behavior therapy is based on
  10. When does cognitive dissonance originate
  11. Who propounded the triarchic theory of intelligence? Sternberg
  12. Opposite state of stress is called Relaxation
  13. Which of the following is not the technique of self-control? Self observation of own behaviour.
  14. Which of the following is a characteristic of type A Personality- All of these
  15. Which technique is used by Bandura to remove snake phobia?
  16. Who has propounded Instinct theory of Aggression? None
  17. Cognitive self is related to All of these
  18. What is the method of classification of mental disorder?
  19. Who propounded the concept of collective unconscious?
  20. Who accpeted a person as a fully functional Person? Carl Rogers
  21. Moral branch of personality is – All of these
  22. Which one is not a characteristic of empathy?
  23. when a person defends against anxiety by adopting behaviours opposite to his/her true feelings is termed as Rationalisation.
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