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Bihar Board Matric Class 10 Maths MCQ Objective and Subjective Official Answer Key 2019 2nd Sitting Exam- 25.02.2019 | Dusri Pali Maths Exam 2019 Matric Official Answer Key

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Bihar School Examination Board has successfully conducted the exam of Maths Paper of 2nd Sitting/ Shift for Matric/ Class 10 student. The exam was conducted on 25-02-2019 in two shift i.e 1st sitting and 2nd sitting. Since the exam of 2nd sitting is over hence students are busy in searching the answer key of Matric/CLass 10  Maths Exam 2nd Sitting/Shift answer key 2019. There were 10 sets asked in Maths exam of matric Bihar board 2019 in 2nd sitting/ Shift. The set asked were namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J.

Matric 1st Sitting Maths Official Answer Key 2019- Click Here

Team BSEB Portal and Aglatarget are ready with the answer key of Matric exam 2019 Maths Paper 2019 for 2nd Sitting/ Pali/ Shift. The student can match their answer key by clicking on their set code.

Note: The Official answer key of the Bihar Board Matric exam 2019 for Maths Paper 2nd sitting has been updated.

Bihar Board Matric Exam Maths Shift -2 Official Answer Key 2019

1.The curved surface area of sphere is 144 π CM2 then the value of its radius is

Ans- 6 CM

2.If 15cota is equal to 8 , the value of sina will be

Ans- 15/17

3.if line touches the circle at only one point then it is known as

Ans-  Tangent

4. cumulative frequency curve is known as

Ans- ogive

5.The pair of linear equation x+3y-4=0 and 2x-5y-1=0 is

Ans- Consistant of the midpoint of the line segment joining points (-2,3) and (4,1) are

Ans- (1,2)

7.The value of coordinates of the point(3,-4) in a cartesian plane is-

Ans- 4

8. The product of zeros of the polynomial X2-9X+A is 8 then value of a is


9.Areas of two circles are in the ratio 4:1 then the radii are the ratio of –


10. 1+cot2A/1+tan2A is equal to

Ans- Cot2A

11. Distance between two Parallel Lines is 14 centimetre a circle touches both the line. Which of the following is radius of circle?

Ans- 7 centimetre.

12. If P + 1, 2P + 1,4P – 1 are in AP then the value of P is

Ans- 1

13. Cosec 90-θ Sin 90- θ is equal to

Ans- 1

14.The value of tan2θ-sec2θ is equal to

Ans- 1

15.Which of the following is a terminating decimal expansion ?

Ans- 3/8

16. Which of the following is equal to cosθ

Ans- √1-sin2θ 

17. angle of elevation of a tower from a point 100M away from it is 60 degree the height of the Tower is


18. If cos A= 1/2 then the value of 1-2cos2A is equal to-

Ans- 1/2

19. if α,β are zeros of the polynomial p(x) x2– 2x-6 then the value of αβ is

Ans- -6

20. the volume of a cone is 1570 cm3 base area is 314 cm2 then its height is

Ans- 15cm

21. Two vertices of triangle ABC are A(2,3) and B(1,-3) and its centroid is (3,0) then the coordinates of its third vertex is

Ans- 6,0

22. the value of cosec 45-

Ans- √2

23. For what value of k roots of equation X2 + 4 x + 1 is equal to zero are real and distinct

Ans- k>=4 (d)

24. for what value of k system of equation X + 2 Y = 3 and 5 x + K Y = 15 and infinite solution

Ans- 10

25. Two corresponding side of two similar triangles are in ratio 3: 5 then the ratio of areas of these triangle is

Ans- 9:25

26. if two linear equation in two variable of infinite solutions their graphs will be

Ans- Two Coincident Lines.

27. Mean of first five odd number is

Ans- 5

28. the perimeter of a semicircle is 72 cm then its radius is

Ans- 14cm

29. probability of impossible event is

Ans- 0

30. cot( 90-θ) is equal to

Ans- tanθ

31. in a triangle angA 90, BC=30 cm, AB= 12 cm in the value of AC is

Ans- 5cm

32. distance of the point 2,3 from the origin will be


33. If TP and TQ are two tangents drawn from an external point T to a circle with centre O are such that <POQ = 120, then the value of ang OTP is equal to

Ans- 30

34.Volume of a right circular cylinder having radius r and height h is –

Ans- Πr2h

35.if all side of parallelogram touch a circle then a parallelogram will be

Ans- Rohmbus

36. for some integer m n even integer is of the form

Ans- 2M

37. Mode of 3,5,4,3,2,3,1,3 is

Ans- 3

38. Value of tan65/cot25 is

Ans- 1

39. which of the following is not irrational?

Ans- √64/81

40. Which of following is a prime number?

Ans- 26

41. maximum value of probability of an event is

Ans- 1

42. if 6th and 12th term of an AP are 13 and 25 then its first term is

Ans- 3

43. 3.27 is

Ans- Rational Number

44.if length of a diagonal of rhombus are 30 cm and 40 cm then length of one of its side is

Ans- 25cm

45. In triangle ABC DEllBC abd AD/DB=3/5, if AE= 4.8cm then the value of EC is

Ans-  8cm

46. in which quadrant does the point (-4 3) lies

Ans- 1st Quadrant

47. the circumference of a circle is 462 cm, then its radius will be


48.A dice is thrown what will be the probability of getting a prime number?

Ans- 1/2

49. Zeros of quadratic polynomial x2+3x+2 are-

Ans- -1,-2

50. If zeroes of the polynomial x2+Ax-b are equal but of opposite sign then the value of a is

Ans- 2

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