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Bihar Board Matric Class 10 English MCQ Objective and Subjective Official Answer Key 2019 2nd Sitting Exam- 21.02.2019 | Dusri Pali English Exam 2019 Matric Official Answer Key

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Bihar School Examination Board has successfully conducted the exam of English Paper of 2nd Sitting/ Shift for Matric/ Class 10 student. The exam was conducted on 21-02-2019 in two shift i.e 1st sitting and 2nd sitting. Since the exam of 2nd sitting is over hence students are busy in searching the answer key of Matric/CLass 10 English Exam 2nd Sitting/Shift Official answer key 2019. There were 10 sets asked in English exam of matric Bihar board 2019 in 2nd sitting/ Shift. The set asked were namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J.

Team BSEB Portal and Aglatarget are ready with the Official answer key of Matric exam 2019 English Paper 2019 for 2nd Sitting/ Pali/ Shift. The student can match their Official answer key by clicking on their set code.

Note: The Official answer key of the Bihar Board Matric exam 2019 for English Paper 2nd sitting is available now.

Bihar Board Matric Exam English Shift -2 Official Answer Key 2019

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1. The unity of Indian culture was a lecture delivered by Humayun Kabir in

Ans- Bangalore University

2. Mahadevi Verma is the author of

Ans- Gillu

3. According to the poem ‘God made the country’ Our life could be sweet if we possess

Ans-Good health and Virtue

4. What is one of the remarkable feature of Indian culture according to Humayun Kabir

Ans- Underlying Unity

5. The sleeping porter was wearing……….. Cap.

Ans- Black

6. Pope, in the poem, Ode on Solitude’, Says that Village people get everything except

Ans-Money from trees

7. Me and Ecology Bit is all about

Ans-  Preserving environment and ecology

8.In the Poem for living R.C Hutchinson discovers

Ans- The agony of Modern man

9. Thinner than a crescent has been composed by

Ans- Vidyapti

10. In Me and the Ecology Bit the post office was ….. from Mr Johnson’s House

Ans- Two Blocks Away

11.In “The Pace for living” the author saw a play in

Ans- Dublin

12.Martha has clear and ……. Eye

Ans- Grey

13. The story little girls wiser than men has been written by

Ans- Leo Tosley

14. In the poem ‘ The Empty Heart’ the prayer was granted

Ans- Seven-Fold

15. Toni Morrison was first …………… to receive the Nobel prize

Ans- Black Women

16. The Koel is hidden in

Ans- Mango Leaves

17. Katherine Mansfield is basically a

Ans- Story writer

18. The author of ‘The Bet’ is

Ans- John Galsworthy

19. In the story Once Upon a time the women was visited by

Ans- some Young people

20. The first feature film in india was produced in

Ans- 1913

21. Polythene Bag when left to itself…………. environment

Ans- Pollutes

22. The only companion of the mother in the story ‘Two Horizons’ is

Ans- Her Daughter

23. Aung San Suu Kyi struggle for

Ans- Democratic Burma

24. The duration of love affairs in the story Love defiled was

Ans- 8 Years

25. Both the girls in the story Little Girls wiser than Men has

Ans- Red Handkerchiefs

26. Prem Shankar is mentioned in

Ans- Allergy

27. What is wrong with indian films has been written by

Ans- Styajit Ray

28. As per the acceptance speech the beauty of genuine brotherhood ans peace is more precious than

Ans-All of the above

29. In the story written by Mahadevi Verma Gillu was injured by

Ans- Crows

30. Quality is a story about

Ans- Shoe Maker

Direction 31 – 33: Choose the correct option for the following

31. Active voice of “He was scolded by the teacher.”

Ans- The teacher scolded him.

32. Active voice of “The Garden has been watered by the gardener”.

Ans- The gardener has watered the garden.

33. Passive voice of “She gave me a gift”.

Ans- I was given a gift by her.

Direction 34- 36:  Choose the indirect speech of the given sentences.

34. I said to her “I am a good player”.

Ans- I told her that I was a good player

35. Naveen says to me “I am your friend”

Ans- Naveen tells me that he is my friend

36. Saunak said, “The sun rises in the East”

Ans- Saunak said that sun rises in the East.

Direction 37-39: The correct form of the verb.

37. ———- You hear me.

Ans- Did

38. Neither food nor water ——- given.

Ans- was

39. Early to bed and early to rise ………… a man healthy wealthy and wise

Ans- makes

Direction 40-42: Choose the suitable preposition

40.I am always ……….. your service

Ans- for

41. He complimented her ……..new dress.

Ans- On

42. A frog was found …… the well.

Ans- in

Direction 43- 45: Choose the correct spelling

43. Pollution

44. Illustration

45. Assistance

Direction 46-50 : Choose the suitable translation

46. मैं अपना काम आप ही करता हूं?

Ans- I do my work myself

47. आप वहां कितनी देर रहेंगे ।

Ans- How long will you stay there. 

48. एवेरेस्ट इस संसार में सबसे ऊंची चोटी है।

Ans- Everest is the highest peak in this world. 

49. वह कहीं नहीं जा सकता।

Ans- He cannot go anywhere

50. जो लड़का तुमसे मिलने आया था वह बहुत ही गरीब है।

Ans- The boy who came to see you is very poor.
















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