Bihar Board Official M.B English 50 Marks Science Answer Key 2019- All Set

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Bihar School Examination Board has successfully conducted the exam if M.B English 50 Marks Exam 2019 for Science Stream. The exam was conducted at various centers all over the Bihar at Various centers. Now students seek answer key of  M.B English 50 Marks Exam 2019 for Science Stream. Team BSEBPortal presents you the answer key of M.B English 50 Marks Exam 2019 for Science Stream.

The exam has been concluded on 16-02-2019 at 11:45 PM. Our team is ready with the correct answer key of M.B English 50 Marks Scroll down the page to check the correct answer key of M.B English 50 Marks exam 2019.

Bihar Board 50 Marks M.B English 50 Marks MCQ Objective Answer Key- All 25 Question All Sets Board

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  1. Grandmother is arriving———– by 3:00 Train.
    • Ans-by
  2. The film was funny—— the end .
    • Ans- at
  3. Radha sits ———- Rekha and Sita.
    • Ans-between
  4. Women like men to flatter them.
    • Ans-women like to flattered by men.
  5. A big draw –
    • Ans-A Huge attraction
  6. Break into-  enter by force
  7. He wrote a letter. He sent it through the Messenger.
    • Ans-He wrote a letter and send it through the Messenger
  8. The accused was guilty, he admitted in his Court.
    • Ans- The accused admitted in court that he was guilty
  9. which of the following is correctly spelt
    • Ans- Adolescence
  10. We decide (buy) a new car.
    • Ans-we decided to buy a new car
  11. Avoid (make) silly mistake.
    • Ans- Avoid making silly mistake
  12. My father ——— newspaper after getting up.
    • Ans- reads
  13. Please wait for me at home untill i —————– from office.
    • Ans- Return
  14. —— Lion is a ferocious animal.
    • Ans-The
  15. When the morning ————- the murder was discovered.
    • Ans-came
  16. Man is the most restless and energetic of all living creature.
    • Ans-Our Own Civilization
  17. According to Robert Lynd, absent mindedness is —————-
    • Ans-Common.
  18. Good Manners is written by
    • Ans-J C Hills
  19. The line ‘And i shall have some peace there, for peace comes from dropping slow-
    • Ans-The lake of Innisfree
  20. The soldier is a ………………………
    • Ans-Sonnet
  21. The imprisoned bird must find in freedom.
    • Ans-Everyone Sang
  22. Which of the following characteristics of Dwarf-
    • Ans- Miss Emilly
  23. Why is David sent to salem house?
    • because he bites Mr. Murdstone hand.
  24. What does Peggotty’s object to?
    • Ans-Mr Murdstone courting Davidson mother
  25. Why does David go to Yarmouth?
    • Ans-To visit Peggotty’s family

नोट व् सुचना : परीक्षार्थीगण को सूचित किया जाता है की इंटरमीडिएट वार्षिक परीक्षा 2019 की M.B English विषय की 25 वस्तुनिष्ठ प्रश्नो का उत्तर अपलोड कर दिया गया है। यदि किसी को भी दिए गए उत्तर पर आपत्ति हो या उत्तर गलत लगता हो तो वे आपने आपत्ति कमेंट बॉक्स के माध्यम से दर्ज करे। 


  1. Bikash kumar says

    English 50 mark ka answerkey

  2. Vikram kumar says

    2. The film was

  3. Anand kumar says

    Question no 4ka answer galat hai shahid option ‘c’ hoga.

  4. Ehtesham says

    Sir MB ALT English set G ka questions no 14 k b ans Hoga

  5. Anand kumar says

    Sit, M. B. English ka set ‘I’d ka question no 13&21 ka answer option ‘B&A’ respectively hoga.

  6. Anand kumar says

    Sir 4no question ka answer ‘women like to be flattered by men ‘ sahi answer hai.

  7. Priyanshu says

    Question number 17 ka answer option (B) Rare hoga because Robert Lynd is in doubt that absent-mindedness is Common therefore the correct answer should be option (B) Rare

  8. Alok Ranjan says

    Sir m.b.english ka all questions ka answer right ha

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