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Bihar Board Intermediate Science Official LL English 100 Marks Official Answer Key- All 50 MCQ Objective Answer Key 2019

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Bihar School Examination Board has successfully concluded the exam of I.Sc English 100 Marks exam on 13-02-2019. The exam was conducted at various centers all over the Bihar State. Since exam of English Paper is over hence now students seeks the answer key of English Paper of 100 Marks out of which 50 MCQ/ Objective was asked.

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Team presents you the answer key of Bihar Board English Paper 100 Marks.

Bihar Board 100 Marks English MCQ Objective Answer Key- All 50 Question All Sets

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  1. When Sita Will come back, we will discuss the problem.
  2. Choose the correctly spelled Word- Committee
  3. Choose the correct sentence- I wish I were young again.
  4. Either of two is acceptable.
  5. The house was painted by Tom. Ans- Tom Painted the house.
  6. The great scholar and poet have died.
  7. The man was bitten by a dog.
  8. Patna is situated at the bank of the Ganga.
  9. Drivers must not drive over the speed limit.
  10. He is Playing Video Games.
  11. Radha asked ravi where his father was. Radha said to ravi “where was his father”.
  12. I am making my bed.
  13. “What do you want?”. She asked him. She asked him what he wanted.
  14. The doctor suggested the patient should take a vaccination
  15. Choose the correct sentence.She is the girl whose name is Raavi.
  16. I Bought these books at Auction.
  17. They came here next week.
  18. That’s strange, our kids do not watch tv serials.
  19. Marsha is reading a novel. A novel is being read by Marsha.
  20. When the sun is shining, we usually go for Swimming.
  21. John has been lying in hospital for two weeks.
  22. Choose the correct sentence. I have homework to do.
  23. Will he come with us?
  24. Have you seen the Taj Mahal?
  25. Look at this painting.
  26. Listen! Radha is playing the sitar.
  27. I Do not Speak Spanish.
  28. Those who work in the same department are colleague.
  29. You must start now. You will miss the bus.- D
  30. A Lot of energy was wasted on finding the treasure.
  31. And as we walk, we make the pledge that we shall march ahead.
  32. Ideas that have helped Mankind is written by Bertrand Russell’s 
  33. New varieties of English that have emerged in different parts of the world is The Second Langauge
  34. Dr. Radhakrishnan never lost his faith in the in essential humanity of man 
  35. Walter de la Mare makes us aware of the London Life
  36. Bertrand Russell was awarded Nobel Prize in literature in this year 1950
  37. The Waste Land has been composed by- T.S Eliot’s
  38. English used since AD 1500 is called- Modern English.
  39. The sentence “After all, there is something in Hinduism that has kept it alive till now” is taken from M K Gandhi. Indian Culture and Civilization
  40. The line ‘And the Nightingale is dumb’ is taken from Now the leaves are fallinf fast
  41. our forefathers did not invent machinery because we would become slaves.
  42. The English language is Younger than Sanskrit.
  43. Jhon done is the poet metaphysical
  44. savitri was written by- Sri Aurobindo
  45. Walter De La Mare was born in the year 1873.
  46. Sabi’s hobby was collecting in gourds
  47. Macbeth and Julius Caesar written by Shakespeare
  48. The great Vowel Shifts took place during Middle English
  49. The line Hoping to cease not till death.” is taken from Soldier
  50. The Line “In heart at peace, under English heaven” is taken from Soldier

Note : English परीक्षा का उत्तर अपडेट कर दिया गया है। आप उत्तर की जांच कर सकते हैं। अगर आपको कोई गलत जवाब लगता है तो हमें कमेंट सेक्शन के माध्यम से बताएं। यदि आपका कोई सवाल सुझाव या आपत्ति है तो हमें कमेंट करे जरूर बताये ।

Answer of English exam has been updated. You can check answer . If you feel any wrong answer then let us know through comment section. Don’t forget to comment down how much your questions are correct.

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  1. vicky says

    aur sab ka answer kab aayega

  2. vicky says

    very good

  3. Alim says

    40.number ka answer wrong hai “now the leaves are falling fast” hoga right answer

    1. [email protected] says

      Thank you very much Alim.
      You are right. We have rectified our mistake.
      Keep Studying:)


  4. Gunjan says

    I think answer of 17 number is wrong because the sentence is in future tense
    Right answer is Will come

    1. Rahul says

      Ha bahi hona chaiye

  5. [email protected] says

    Bseb ka question paper lik kar do toh kal exam hain English ka

  6. Ankit says

    I think 1 ka answer “comes” hoga

  7. Rahul says

    Set A and set I in LLenglish me question no- 44and 47ka ans different hai jabki question same hai

  8. Anand kumar says

    Sir, L. L. English ka set ‘C’ ka question no 13,21&29 ka answer respectively ‘A, A&B’ hoga.


    Questions no.49 in your answer sheet and
    Set B main question no. 50 ka answer THE SOLDIERS (B) hoga
    But aapke set B k answer main option A (song of myself ) dia gya h

  10. ABHINAV KUMAR says

    Sir please answer sheet ko fir se check kigie

    Thodi Si mistake se answer bhut glat h

  11. sujeet says

    please check answer key carefull,there are many mistake in it.

  12. sujeet says

    17, 33,35,&49 ka answer galat hai

  13. Anand kumar says

    English ka question no 49 ka answer ‘song of myself’ hoga.

  14. Anand kumar says

    English ka question no 35 ka answer ‘inhuman condition of life’ hoga.

  15. Anand kumar says

    English ka question no 22 ka answer ‘I have a homework to do. ‘ hoga because have a homework is used as a phrase in English grammar.

  16. Anand kumar says

    English ka question no 16 me preposition from lagega because word buy acceptes from after itself.

  17. Md moghis ajmal says

    Sir, set A ka fir se answer key chek kijiye plese sir…

  18. Priyanshu says

    question number 22 answer is wrong the correct answer is option (A) I have a homework to do

    1. [email protected] says

      Check the correct answer from chart uploaded.

  19. Anand kumar says

    Sir we have checked the uploaded answer key it has a lot of errors so please upload correct answer key of all papers so we request you kindly do the act we have asked for.

  20. Deepak says

    I bought this book from auction
    I think it is the right answer

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