Bihar Board Matric Class 10 Official English MCQ Objective and Subjective Official Answer Key 2019 1st Sitting Exam- 21.02.2019 | Pahli Pali English Exam 2019 Matric Official Answer Key

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Bihar School Examination Board has successfully conducted the exam of English Paper of 1st Sitting/ Shift for Matric/ Class 10 student. The exam was conducted on 21-02-2019 in two shift i.e 1st sitting and 2nd sitting. Since the exam of 1st sitting is over hence students are busy in searching the answer key of Matric/CLass 10 English Exam 1st Sitting/Shift answer key 2019. There were 10 sets asked in English exam of matric Bihar board 2019 in 1st sitting/ Shift. The set asked were namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J.

Team BSEB Portal and Aglatarget are ready with the answer key of Matric exam 2019 English Paper 2019 for 1st Sitting/ Pali/ Shift. The student can match their answer key by clicking on their set code.

Note: The Official answer key of the Bihar Board Matric exam 2019 for English Paper 1st sitting has been updated on 10.03.2019 at 07:00 PM

Bihar Board Matric Exam English Shift -1 Official Answer Key 2019

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1.As per the essay ” What is wrong with Indian film” the majority of our films?

Ans-Visual Dissonances

2. It’s ……………..that specially distinguishes the culture of india as per ‘The unity of Indian culture’.

Ans-Unity of people.

3. The writer of “Pace of living” belong to the tribe of ……………

Ans- fast thinkers.

4. In the story “Once upon a time the women” is the daughter of –

Ans- Slave

5.The daughter in the story “Two horizons” Jearnt everything from her mother except.

Ans-Importance of wealth

6. Quality is a story written by?

Ans- Anton Chekhov

7. Substances causing a violent reaction to the human immune system are called …….

Ans- Allergens

8. Humanity can no longer be tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war was written by ?

Ans- Martin Luther King Jr

9. Elderly people in the story ‘Little Girls wiser than Men’ were ashamed because of

Ans- Little girls became friends again

10. Martha’s Chin was

Ans- Wide

11. During the first year of imprisonment the lawyer in “Bet”

Ans-  Suffered terribly

12. The sleeping Porter is challenging the

Ans- mountain

13.As per ‘Acceptance Speech’ the struggle taking place is Rangoon was for

Ans- emancipation of human spirit from political tyranny

14. In this poem ‘ Ode on Solitude’ the poet draws a beautiful pictures

Ans-  A happy man

15. In the story ‘Little girl wiser than men, the girl are named

Ans- Malasha and Akoulya

16. When the author of “Me and Ecology” Bit used to meet people and create awareness about

Ans- Importance of Ecology

17. Who has delivered the speech the “Unity of Indian Culture”

Ans- Humayun Kabir.

18. “The Empty Heart” has been composed by-

Ans- Periyasamy Thooran

19. Polythene Bags makes ……………… Noise.

Ans- Squeaky

20. According to storry Gillu, squirrels have a little life span of

Ans- 2 Years.

21.Gillu would inform by twittering

Ans- Chik- Chik

22. When the author ‘ Me and Ecology Bit ‘ went to Mr. Williams, he was

Ans-  Burning Leaves

23. Tonny Morission recieved nobel price in the field of

Ans- literature

24. Satyajit Ray is the writer of

Ans- What is wrong with Indian Films

25. The boy in the story ‘Love defield’ developed cold feet towards tying the knot with the girl

Ans- the difference in their castes

26. William Cowper has written

Ans- God made the country

27. The garden that you burns the heart of ‘Koel’ is?

Ans- Green

28. The author of the story ‘The pace of Living’ enjoyed going in the car

Ans- Ninty miles an hour

29. Radha’s tears in the poem thinner than a crescent has created

Ans- A river

30. The name of Halku’s wife in ‘January Night’ was

Ans- Munni

Direction (31-33): Choose the correct passive form of the given sentences.

31.His mother was comforting him.

Ans-He was being comforted by his mother.

32.Shubham will clean the class.

Ans- The class will be cleaned by shubham.

33.He is reading a novel.

Ans- A novel is being read by him

Direction (34-36): Choose the indirect speech of the given sentences-

34.The emperor said ” My wife is beautiful”.

Ans-The emperor said that his wife was beautiful.

35.The master said to his servent, ” Close the door:

Ans- The master ordered his servant to close the door.

36.He said ” I am planning to migrate”.

Ans-He said that he was planning to migrate

Instruction (37-49): Choose the most Suitable verb form to fill in the blanks

37.Bread and Butter ——— my breakfast

Ans- is

38.I ————- home before she arrived.

Ans- had left

39.It ———– hot tomorrow.

Ans- will be

Instruction (41-42): Choose the most suitable Preposition

40.Three persons were witness of …………. event

Ans- that

41. Look …………… the child.


42. He died ……………….. cancer.

Ans –from

Instruction (43-45): Choose the correct spelling.




Ans- circumstances



Instruction (46-50): Choose the most suitable translation

46.बहुत से पढ़े लिखे लोग देख रहे थे।

Ans- Many educated people were watching.

47. मेरा वाहन चालक चार दिनों से बीमार है।

Ans- My driver has been sick for four days.

48. मजूमदार साहब सबसे वरिष्ठ अधिकारी है।

Ans-Majumdar Saheb is the most senior officer.

49.तुम इस काम को चार बजे तक खत्म कर चुके होंगे।

Ans- You will have finished this work by four o’clock.

50. मै फूटबाल से क्रिकेट को अधिक पसंद करता हूँ ।

Ans- I prefer cricket to football.

Note: If you have question regarding the answer key then you can ask through coment section.

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