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Top 5 Bachelor Courses in India

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After higher secondary education, students pursue a bachelor’s degree in their area of interest. An undergraduate degree equips a student with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in that field. It is also the foundation for seeking advanced degrees in that particular field.
Bachelor of Technology
This is the most popular course among youngsters in India now. Job opportunities for an engineering graduate are plenty. An engineering degree education spans four years. This is one of the toughest courses available. To get into a BTech programme at a competent college, students have to crack examinations like JEE or other state-specific entrance examinations. It requires lot of practice and preparation.
Bachelor of Technology has many disciplines like

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Civil Engineering

Because of a large number of students seeking admission for Engineering, colleges all over India require competent teachers with a master’s or doctoral degree. People who prefer an academic career can opt for a Master of Technology (MTech) degree in Computer Science. Those who are into research can pursue a doctoral degree. There are some colleges which provide integrated masters and doctoral degree.
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a three-year undergraduate course. The curriculum of B.Com varies from college to college. Subjects that deal with Accounting, Finance, Tax, and Business Laws will be appearing in all three years of study.
Commerce graduates can apply for the post of accountant in a company. All industries require an accountant to keep track of their finances. Commerce graduates can easily find a job in Automobile, Hospitality, Banking, Media, or Retail industry.

Those who wish to study further can opt for Chartered Accountancy (CA) or Company Secretary (CS). They can even pursue the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Check out these MBA colleges in Jaipur that offer comprehensive courses.
Bachelor of Computer Applications
Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA is trending a lot these days because of the high demand for computer graduates in almost every industry. It is a three-year undergraduate degree.

BCA course is designed to equip students with the knowledge of creating and maintaining software applications. Many MNCs hire BCA graduates as software developers.  A BCA graduate can assume the role of a software engineer, software programmer, software tester, or systems analyst.
Those who are interested in a teaching career can go for Master of Computer Applications (MCA) or Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science.
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA course is a blend of Art, Commerce, and Business Administration. A typical BBA education lasts three years.

A BBA degree offers much flexibility in terms of career.  A BBA graduate can start to work immediately after the course or study further. Most BBA students prefer to find a job first to gain work experience and knowledge. It will provide them with a platform to apply what they have learned. People with postgraduation aspirations can go for Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) or MBA.
Bachelor of Design
Bachelor of Design or B.Des is an undergraduate degree with four-year duration. The curriculum of this course purely depends on the institution. Some universities give the students opportunities to take cross-disciplinary courses.

Specializations in B.Des course include:

  • Industrial & Product Design
  • Design Communication
  • Digital & Interactive Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Design & Management
  • Habitat Design

This course is appropriate for people with creativity and a passion for design. Placement opportunities depend on your portfolio. Life-long learning is a part of design career. Those who choose a job in design industry must be open to it.
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