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Science stream student can make career in Biophysics

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Medical Imaging Technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Added Tomography Scan (CAT Scan) etc. have been made possible through Biophysics. It has an important role in current lifestyle. Many vaccines are being made by using Biophysics. From Forensic Science to Biological Treatment biophysics is needed. The Person who works in fields of biophysics are called professional biophysiologists. They Study every activities  of life and biological at each level. This involves activities of small organisms from human and environmental activities. Due to lack of popularity, fewer students choose it and hence there is high demand og Biophysiologists.

What is biophysics

It is a branch of science. The study of biological systems through physics and physical chemistry is called biophysics. It uses the principles of physics and chemistry and computer modeling methods. In the biophysics, the mechanical structure of the biological system is studied through its molecular structure and its properties. This branch works like a bridge between biology and physics. This area is related to other advanced biological areas such as biochemistry, bioengineering, system biology, nanotechnology and agrophysics. Research on life processes through fuzzy and chemistry is an important part of biophysics.

How to get admission in Biophysics

The Bachelor course of Biophysics is available in some institutions. Students doing Bachelor Degree from Physics, Chemistry, Biology or related subjects are eligible to make a career. Students who pass 12 th exam from Science stream can enter the Bachelor Degree course. The admission will be based on the valid score of the entrance test organized by the institute. After this, admission to the master’s degree course of biophysics can be taken.

Job Possibility

Professionals as a biophysiologist or Scientist Research Institute can work in government-based research-based fields. Apart from this, biophysicists can also work in related industry such as pharmaceutical companies and hi-tech biological companies. There are also job opportunities in professional educational institutions as well.

What is the salary package

Fresher in this area is likely to get 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month. After a few years of experience, this package can be up to 5-6 lakh rupees per month. The initial package in educational institutions can be up to 25 thousand rupees per month.

Biophysics can be divided into some parts

  • Molecular: In this, the activities of small particles, molecules and atoms are studied. 
  • Medical: Physics is used to understand the effects of biological processes in the field of medical applications. 
  • Mathematical and theoretical: It is studied about the behavior of living organisms based on the principles of mathematical and physics. 
  • Radiation: This field is studied on the basis of radiation such as alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray and ultra violet light.

Top Universities/Institutes providing Course

  1. Aiims
  2. Mumbai University
  3. Kalinga University
  4. Mahatma Gandhi University Kerla
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