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Make Carrier In Public Relations By Doing Bachelor’s Course Of Mass Communication

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Different institutions need to create a better image for marketing. At the same time from Celebrity to Leaders, a team is needed to maintain their image better. Here the public relation comes in handy. According to the Public Relations Consultants Association of India, the country’s public relations industry will be about Rs 2,100 crore by 2020. The highest growth in this industry will be due to digital and social media content, with a total share of about 25 per cent. Apart from this, it has also been reported in this report that the demand for PR Professional will increase annually by 5 to 10 per cent. In this case, it can be a good choice for careers for students.

What is Public Relations

Public relation is the management of better communication between an institution or organization and people. Public holders, government, customer employees or media can be included in the public. For any institute, it is necessary that from time to time they communicate directly with their employees, media or for whom they are responsible. This work is done by Public Relations Officer or PR Professional. When many private and government companies and institutions felt that they could be able to reach their products, services or facilities more and more, then the need for PR Professional was felt. Although PR Professionals are now used to make a better image. The Public Relations Officer has to work inside and outside the institute. The Management of this Management Employees works to give information about the changes to the policy and information about other activities.

How to get admission 

Students passing 12th examination from any stream are eligible to enter the course related to public relations. After 12th, students can enter the Bachelor of Communication course. However, for admission in some institutes, at least 50 per cent marks are required in the 12th standard. Entrance test is conducted by various institutions for admission to the Bachelor Degree course. After the bachelor’s degree for specialization, admission to the postgraduate diploma course of public relations can be taken. Students doing Bachelor Degree from any stream can take admission in it. Apart from this, diplomas and certificate courses of public relations are also done in various institutes.

Job Opportunities 

Public Relations Professionals have job opportunities in advertising agencies, marketing companies, PR agencies. In addition, public relations officers are required in various government institutions, institutions and companies. In such a situation, there are better jobs in government companies as well as private companies for these professionals. At the same time political parties, politicians and celebrity stars need PR professionals to improve their image. 

Salary Package 

Public Relations in the first one or two years of careers the package can be between 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month. But after two years of experience, the professional gets a package of 20 to 25 thousand rupees per month. Fisheries also get a good package in government institutions. In many companies, PR Professional gets a package of 5-6 lakh rupees annually after 3 to 4 years of experience.

From Where You can Pursue the course

  • Indian institute of Communication, Delhi
  • BHU, Varnasi
  • St Xavier’s Institute of communication
  • Mumbai University

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