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CLAT 2018: Aman Garg get First Rank in UG and Ayush in PG

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On May 13, more than 54000 students were appeared for Exam for admission in 19 National Law Universities.

The result of Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT) on May 13 for admission in the country’s 19 National Law Universities (NLUs) was announced on Thursday. This year, Aman Garg of Jaipur achieved All India First Rank. 63 Centers were created for the examination in the country. More than 54,000 students were included in this exam for about 2400 UGs and for 624 seats of PG. . This year these examinations were conducted on behalf of the National Academy of Advanced Legal Studies (NULAS) Kochi. This year’s exam was also highly controversial. During the exam, students had to face problems like screen black, late computer opening.

From the class 10th onwards, in the preparation of Clat says Aman

  • Aman Garg, who topped All India, said that it was always expected that admission in Bangalore NLSIU will be available. From 10th onwards, it was preparing for it.
  • Aman’s father said, “It is very happy that Aman has achieved All India First rank.” Let us know that Aman’s father is an RAS officer. Who is the President of Ajmer City Council.
  • With the help of Aman, Devsh Kaushik of Jaipur has got second rank Anmol Gupta with third rank. These examinations were held for 2600 seats.

Bihar’s result is better this year

  • – Chapra’s Ekma’s resident Saloni has got 172th rank in UG.
  • – Rishi of Muzaffarpur got 25th position in PG
  • – Nalanda’s faith Krishna (272th rank) has been achieved.
  • – Aman Kumar Singh of Chapra (409th rank)
  • – Shiva’s Archie infinite is included.

 More Results from Bihar

  • Salman’s father, P Kumar, who is in the rank of 172nd rank, is employed in the Civil Court in Assistant’s post in Gopalganj. The result of 12th came just two days ago. In the 12th, he got 93% marks. Saloni’s younger brother Ashish Raj is in IIT Kanpur. Mother Asha Prasad is very happy with the success of Daughter. Saloni got the All India 25th rank in the ilett. Saloni said that for a year there was preparation by staying in Patna. Creating a new place in the Judiciary is his dream.

  • Rishi of Brahmapura of Muzaffarpur got 25th rank in CLAT. He has done LL.M. from DU. Father Prem Kishan Shahi and Madhuri Devi son’s grip on the success Rishi has studied with Saint Javier from Muzaffarpur. There is a desire to become a Law Officer in his Maharatna companies.

  • Archie Anant of Shivar has got 599th rank. His father is a colonel in the army. The whole family lives in Pathankot. Recently, Archie has been 12th from Commerce.

  • In the results released by the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, in the UG and AYUSH in PG, All India got the first rank.

Check your own results

  • First of all go to the official website
  • CLICK on CLAT 2018 Result link here.
  • After this, fill in all the details requested and submit it.
  • After doing so, the result will be open.

What is CLAT exam?

  • CLAT is a kind of All India Common Law Entrance Exam, which is conducted from any of the 19 National Law Universities (NLUs) across the country.
  • This exam is conducted for admission for LLB and LLM courses. This exam is being conducted by NUALS, Kochi on this year.

List of Law Universities across the country

1. NLSIU, Bangalore 11. NUALS, Kochi
NALSAR, Hyderabad 12. NLUO, Odisha
NLIU, Bhopal 13. NUSRL, Ranchi
4. WBNUJS, Kolkata 14. NLUJA, Assam
5. NLU, Jodhpur 15. DSNLU, Visakhapatnam
6. HNLU, Raipur 16. TNNLS, Tiruchirapalli
7. GNLU, Gandhinagar 17. MNLU, Mumbai
8. RMLNLU, Lucknow 18. MNLU, Nagpur
9. RGNUL, Punjab 19. MNLU, Aurangabad
10. CNLU, Patna

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